The Global Healthcare Accreditation Program

Renée-Marie Stephano
Global Healthcare Accreditation

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program is one of Global Healthcare Resources premier healthcare quality and business solution programs it offers the global medical travel or medical tourism industries.

The program evaluates compliance towards competencies that ensure a healthcare organization is not only monitoring its overall performance in the services provided to medical travel medical tourism or international patients but that the entire medical travel cycle is streamlined to ensure an overall positive experience for consumers.

GHA provides healthcare organizations a unique opportunity to not only acquire skills & competence but also choose from a portfolio of business solutions for any stage of development or objective. In essence GHA is not only an accomplishment in operational excellence but a clear indicator an organization is also prioritizing their business strategy.

Around the world accredited and non-accredited organizations are facing the realities of needing to go beyond important quality metrics and simultaneously prioritize business strategy in a manner that creates a competitive advantage a sustainable medical travel program and satisfied consumers that often have numerous unique needs including cultural differences.

GHA represents the future of medical travel and the realities of various healthcare markets evolving says Mary Miller Sallah Chief Quality Officer for the Global Healthcare Accreditation Program.

The GHA Program provides tremendous benefits for any individual organization whether there is a formal process or department in place to target medical travelers or international patients specifically. Benefits and key areas of value for healthcare organizations include:

  • Advanced Management Skills  The GHA Program requires an organization to track data benchmark and create meaningful goals related to medical travelers and/or international patients.
  • Core Competencies  The GHA Program acknowledges areas such as quality patient safety ethics risk management and clinical assessment & treatment the GHA Program also addresses marketing financial transactions travel and tourism and technology.
  • Unique Business Solutions  The GHA Program incorporates as part of the accreditation process unique business solutions that are not available through any other accreditation program in the world.
  • Real Return on Investment  The GHA Program provides unquestionable value for investment the program was designed to provide the same value for clients across all levels of the development spectrum.

GHA Leadership views the GHA Program is truly a global product and a program that is changing the landscape of the medical travel medical tourism and/or international patient industry.For destinations around the world the GHA Program provides a realistic starting point for a sustainable strategy and framework to consistently understand performance. As a destination development tool the GHA Program provides:

  • Quantifiable Ranking Data  Destinations often highlight more than healthcare organization and more than one type of care setting the GHA Program provides applicable data to all care settings.
  • Immediate Application for Marketing Strategies   The GHA Program creates immediate awareness of real strengths and areas requiring improvement.
  • Comparative Metrics  No other program or resources around the world will provide the ability to benchmarks against similar metrics in other markets around the world.

Currently 50 organizations have achieved Global Healthcare Accreditation across 3 countries. GHA Leadership looks forward to growing the number of GHA organizations and providing tremendous value not only for healthcare services delivery providers but patients.

The GHA Program views no aspect of the medical travel cycle of greater importance than the individual patient (medical traveler). Whether the patient is pursing elective services seeking service within an expanding network via their insurance or seeking services for acute emergency needs the GHA Program considers this full spectrum of patient profiles and works with organizations to ensure their operational processes and business strategies are aligned with the targeted consumers. To learn more read a recent press release about the GHA.

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