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Surrogacy and religion: A look at different perspectives

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Introduction to Surrogacy and Religion

Surrogacy, as a method of assisted reproduction, intersects with religious beliefs and doctrines in complex ways. Different religions have distinct perspectives on surrogacy, which can influence the decisions of intended parents and surrogates. This article explores these perspectives to foster a broader understanding of surrogacy within various religious contexts.

Christianity and Surrogacy

Christian views on surrogacy vary widely, largely due to the diverse range of beliefs and interpretations within Christianity.

Protestant Christianity

Many Protestant denominations do not have official positions on surrogacy, leaving it up to individuals to make decisions based on personal beliefs. Some view surrogacy positively, as an act of love and kindness, while others express concern about the potential for exploitation.


The Catholic Church opposes surrogacy, viewing it as a violation of the sanctity of marriage and procreation. The Vatican’s official stance, as articulated in the document Donum Vitae, is that procreation should occur within the marital act.

Judaism and Surrogacy

In Judaism, the focus on family life and the commandment to "be fruitful and multiply" leads many to view surrogacy positively. Both Orthodox and Reform Jewish authorities generally permit and support surrogacy, though specific requirements and guidelines may vary.

Islam and Surrogacy

Islamic views on surrogacy are generally prohibitive. According to many Islamic scholars, surrogacy is considered Haram (forbidden) because it introduces a third party into the marital relationship, which goes against Islamic teachings about modesty and lineage.

Hinduism and Surrogacy

Hinduism does not have a central governing body issuing edicts, so views on surrogacy can vary. Some Hindus may see surrogacy as a selfless act of dharma (duty), while others may have ethical or moral concerns.

Conclusion: A Spectrum of Religious Perspectives on Surrogacy

Religious perspectives on surrogacy are as diverse as the religions themselves. For anyone considering surrogacy, it can be helpful to understand how their religious beliefs might intersect with their decision-making process.

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