What is Medical Tourism Magazine?

Welcome to MedicalTourism.com, the foremost authority and number one destination in the global medical tourism industry. For over 17 years, The Medical Tourism Association, the non-profit trade association for the industry have dedicated ourselves to curating and disseminating the most reliable and comprehensive information to individual consumers, healthcare providers, and referring organizations worldwide.

Our rich heritage is built on a foundation of trust and influence, shaped through an unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of educational resources and information. Every year hundreds of thousands of consumers and industry professionals come to MedicalTourism.com/Medical Tourism Magazine as the trusted media hub and publication where readers can find well-researched, up-to-date, and relevant content that comes with insightful articles, interviews, and features.

We understand that making decisions regarding medical tourism is a delicate and often complex process. Therefore, we have built an educational pillar, through which we empower our audience with the knowledge they need to navigate the medical tourism landscape confidently.

From informative articles to educational webinars, and from insightful podcasts to comprehensive guides, we offer a wide array of resources tailored to meet the educational needs of different stakeholders in the medical tourism industry.MedicalTourism.com is more than a website; it is a movement guided by the principles of trust, influence, and education. Our unmatched expertise and deep connections in the industry position us as a leader, guiding you through the world of medical tourism with a reliable hand.Join us as we continue to pave the way, defining standards and shaping the future of medical tourism globally.

Our Mission

At MedicalTourism.com, we are on a mission to illuminate the path to quality healthcare around the world. Guided by a commitment to reliability, accuracy, and inclusivity, we strive to be a beacon of trust, forging a community well-informed and empowered to make the best healthcare decisions possible. Through education and media excellence, we endeavor to continuously shape a medical tourism landscape that is both accessible and trustworthy.For 17 years, we have upheld this mission, working tirelessly to become the number one destination for individual consumers, healthcare providers, and referring organizations worldwide.