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Medical tourism
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Medical Tourism in a Viral World

An updated Medical Tourism Index lays out the international terrain for health travel, but the impact of COVID-19 on such a global industry remains to be seen.

South Korea Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Association Partners with Korea Tourism Organization to Extend South Korean Global Medical Services after Successful COVID-19 Containment

Medical Tourism Association (MTA) partners with Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as South Korea extends high complexity medical services to international patients at a pivotal COVID-19 transition point.

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UAE Launches Blockchain-Powered Health Data Platform

To accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare in the UAE, key players have built a blockchain-powered portal that concentrates all health data in one secure system accessible by authorized members of the chain

Birth Tourism
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Trump Scraps ‘Birth Tourism’ - Issues New Rules Restricting Travel to the US for Birth Purposes.

The Trump administration is imposing a new visa policy restricting foreign nationals from giving birth in the US so their children can become American citizens, a practice that has been termed “birth tourism”. This new rule, which takes effect on Friday January 24, is one of President Donald Trump’s prime political concerns.

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Vietnam: An Emerging Global Leader in Dental Tourism

By leveraging the core drivers of health travel, especially affordability and first-rate dental care, Vietnam hopes to achieve its vision of being the dental tourism hub of the world.

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