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Steps to Become a Medical Tourism Pioneer: Certification

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As an industry that is still in the growth and development stage for many, medical tourism requires of its participants certification from a reputable organization because of the nature of the business.

Like any billion dollar industry, having a certification shows to potential clients or business partners that you or your company took that extra step to ensure the highest quality of the services that you offer.

Right now is a critical time for everyone in the medical tourism industry to get certified because of the complexity of the knowledge required to be a success. Being certified allows others to understand the seriousness of best practices within the industry.

When a patient is searching for someone to help them figure out what to do in terms of who is the best doctor, which is the best country, what hotel is close to the hospital, they will likely look for someone that has a proven track record of getting patients safely to the destination for a procedure and back home again.

A company or individual that has been around the industry for a while will likely have the most contacts that also have proven success rates with medical travelers.


Each year at the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, healthcare providers, facilitators, insurance agents, HR professionals, tourism professionals and more fill the rooms of the Certified Medical Tourism Professional Workshop eager to learn about the ins and outs of this $60 billion dollar annual industry.

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) are pioneers within the industry. Their voice has spread around the world to more than 100 countries about the importance of education, communication and transparency. As a company that has global offices and with a president and CEO that travel the world all in the name of medical tourism, they have become the face of the industry.

Right now, for those interested in becoming part of this industry, certification is the must, and the MTA will help you to shout it off the roof tops that you are one of the pioneers of the industry and that you are a Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP).

Once becoming certified, professionals also become members of the MTA for two years in an effort to learn and become introduced to the industry and all of the key players.

This year at the annual Congress the CMTP workshop will be taking place in two parts, Part 1 on September 27th and Part Two on September 28th. Also, by registering now, you will get a discount on congress registration and the certification fee. This is a great deal that will end soon sign up now and take a step in the right direction of your medical tourism future.

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