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1st Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Korea Congress

Industry News

The 1st Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Korea Congress will feature up to 800 attendees from over 25 countries and will focus on the high quality of healthcare available in Asia. It will also bring together the stakeholders involved in Asian medical tourism for intense networking event and educational opportunities.

Conference Highlights

  • Up To 800 Attendees
  • US Health Insurance Companies and Insurance Providers Invited
  • Industry Players From Over 25 countries
  • Highlighting The High Quality Of Care Available In Asia Korea
  • The Top Medical Tourism Facilitators Invited

Seoul, Korea is one the emerging leading destinations for medical tourism and global healthcare in the world. The 1st Asia Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress will take place April, 13-15th, 2010 in Seoul, Korea as a joint initiative between the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI).

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