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25th issue of Medical Tourism Magazine has been released

Industry News

Just a reminder that the 25th issue of the Medical Tourism Magazine has been released! The theme of this issue is Navigation Towards Opportunity. Each article in this issue illustrates what a country, insurance company, hospital, government or a new unique industry is doing to promote, improve, initiate or overcome challenges they face.

For those examples without a direct relation to medical tourism, look at it from another prospective to see how it could fit in. Do not underestimate the possibilities.

Some of the topics include:

Free Healthcare Zones-Maximize the Potential

Cruising to Better Health- New Medical Treatments at Sea

Medical Tourism and the Destinations Country's Poor

Japan- Realizing Medical Tourism Potential

Medical Tourism -Entering the Educational System

The next issue of the magazine will be the Pre-Congress issue that will be printed and distributed at the event, please let me know if you have some interest in participation! Don't miss the chance to be featured in one of the largest issues of the year!

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