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3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress ~ Progress in Motion


The Medical Tourism Association is holding a 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress September 22-24, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA, with the theme, “Progress in Motion”.  This is the only event in the industry where up to 2,000 attendees can network for three days straight and gain incredible valuable industry information from top leaders through workshops, networking meetings and speakers from different countries around the globe.

Up to 140 Exhibitors and 200 “Buyers” of healthcare will be present, 10,000 private networking meetings will take place and 60 countries will be represented at this event.  This Congress is the only event each year where the largest numbers of Employers, Self Funded Health Plans, Insurance Companies, Governments, and Medical Tourism Facilitators worldwide come to partner with international hospitals.

So, what’s different this year from previous year’s conferences?  Well, for starters, we have invited over 200 “Buyers” of healthcare, including international insurance companies, international employers, and governments.  So, unlike other conferences that fail to succeed, we will unite “Buyers” of healthcare with “Sellers” of healthcare and create the perfect union.

This conference will move the industry forward in a positive direction by uniting all medical tourism professionals together under one roof and creating in three days what would otherwise take months.

We are featuring new platforms this year, such as Sustainability and Going Green, international insurance companies and how to implement medical tourism into US healthcare plans, Expatriate healthcare and much more!  These are all issues that are at the forefront of the industry and are extremely vital to the future of the Medical Tourism industry.

Just like the previous year’s conference, we are offering one-on-one networking meetings with other attendees.  This year, however, we have implemented a new innovative software system that allows greater access to the attendees you wish to meet with through a pre-arranged computerized system, which can be accessed by the simple click of a mouse.  

Attendees of the 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress will be able to chose up to 50 companies to have pre-scheduled one-on-one networking meetings with over the three-day conference.  With the innovative and easy-to-use software, attendees will now have the ability to select pre-scheduled 10 minute meetings with up to 50 companies.

The networking software will allow attendees to display a profile including their name, website, and any other necessary contact information regarding their business. In addition, the software has also included a detailed search criterion to help narrow down results.

Networking is one of the top reasons many attend this annual conference; to meet new people in the industry, exchange ideas and leave with tons of new knowledge to apply to their business practices, whether it is a start-up facilitator, or an employer implementing medical tourism for his employees in hopes of saving money and providing access to the most valuable healthcare for his employees.

This is not an event you will want to miss, so buy your ticket now and save $1,000 before June 1st.  The price before June 1st is $1500, while the price after June 1st will be $2500.  Also, remember that members receive 20% off of all MTA sponsored events.

We look forward to seeing all of you there and to a highly successful and fruitful year leading up to the conference.   Here’s to Progress in Motion!

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