4 Medical Tourism Trends to Watch


Medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry that is set to grow up to 25 percent every year for the next ten years. This data shows that more people are becoming interested. To combine the pleasure of traveling with the benefits of medical advancement.

So, what are top medical tourism trends to look forward to?

1. The Growth of Private Health Cities

Foreign investment has grown significantly. This paved the way for private health cities to emerge. Patients from different countries are becoming attracted to multi-specialty hospitals. These hospitals offer both health and hospitality.

2. Asian Expansion

Medical tourists bound for Asia are expected to increase in number because Asian countries provide high standards of hospitality and care. Plus, they are always updating to the latest technology. And don’t forget that medical care is a lot cheaper in Asia than other regions.

3. Cultivation of Skilled Medical Tourism Professionals

The growth of the industry calls for a surge of qualified health care personnel. This includes doctors, surgeons, translators, physiotherapists, and other facilitators. Medical schools and training centers are also expected to rise with the need as these professionals learn specialized procedures that are favored by medical tourists. These are rhinoplasty, angioplasty, and breast augmentation among others.

4. Establishment of New Destinations

Several countries that are currently known for catering to medical tourists will have new contenders in the future. The UAE, Greece, and Taiwan have shown promising growth over the past years in part due to their breathtaking landscapes that patients look forward to during their visit.

Medical tourism has indeed changed the future of the healthcare industry. It has expanded so much and is continually evolving all throughout the globe. The previously set standards are set to be surpassed in the coming years as more people will expect for more advancement, quality service, as well as lowering of the costs.

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