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5th World Medical Tourism Congress fosters collaboration between healthcare industry stakeholders

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The 5th World Medical Tourism Congress, South Florida October 24-26th, will be fully integrated with the Global Benefits Conference and the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, one of the largest insurance conferences in the U.S.

Some of the highlights of the congress will be the Executive Summits: the 3rd Global Ministerial Summit and the 1st Medical Director Summit. The first will welcome Ministers of Health, Tourism, Economic Development, Trade Commissioners and Health Attach's to discuss common challenges and best industry practices.

As a first time attendee, I am interested in existing programs in other destinations and how I can best market the services we have available in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As the person in charge of all tourism marketing done on behalf of the Government of the Virgin Islands, I am truly coming to learn as much as possible about this segment, best practices and how I can work with providers in the USVI to increase our share of this revenue generating niche market.

In discussion with local providers, your organization and this event came highly recommended said Chantal R. Figueroa, Deputy Commissioner of Tourism. U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and special invitee to the Ministerial Summit.

The Medical Director Summit represents an excellent, first-class platform for meeting up with much esteemed colleagues from around the globe.

As a spine specialist and as president of the World Pain Institute Section Germany and Eastern Europe, I will contribute to the summit by presenting my latest findings on why 80 percent of all back surgeries are superfluous – a topic that’s much in discussion across Europe.

At the Summit, I look forward to sharing ideas and views on this and other major medical topics with renowned specialists from many nations, commented Dr. Martin Marianowicz, Medical Director of the Marianowicz Center, Munich/Germany and Medical Director of the Jaegerwinkel Private Clinic, Bad Wiessee.

The Medical Director Summit will welcome medical directors from international hospitals and insurance companies to collaborate and network regarding the challenges in providing quality healthcare and insurance to local and international patients.

This year's congresses have the most extensive agenda of any other international healthcare and insurance conferences known. We have brought in some amazing keynote speakers including the president of the American Medical Association, the Directors of Global Benefits for Google, Yahoo and American Express, among other expert speakers said Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association.

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) has also launched two certifications and professional designations for both insurance/HR professionals and travel agents. The certification workshops, being held at the congress, will allow insurance and HR professionals and travel agents to take away from their courses the tools necessary to develop strong health and wellness travel programs, and further their understanding of the requisites for implementation and sustainable growth of this niche market opportunity.

Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association, stated, Due to the increasing number of requests from specific industries such as insurance and HR professionals and travel agents looking for specialized education, the Association has provided a solution which allows these professionals to set themselves apart from others on a platform of best practices as they enter this niche market.

The certification programs will give them the tools to create a roadmap and turn medical tourism from a concept into an action plan that can actually be implemented and managed with ease. This certification program should also allow more insurance, HR professionals and agents to become educated and will raise awareness and adoption of medical tourism across the globe, Ms. Stephano added.

The MTA annual congress provides an international educational and networking platform to bring the players together to learn, share and build business opportunities. Bringing buyers of healthcare from around the world through the VIP Buyer Program in order to increase valuable networking opportunities for all participants.

I am attending the congress to meet healthcare providers around the world so we can find a way of marketing their services in Sweden so they can increase their numbers of clients from Sweden and find new business partners. said Nils Norberg, founder of iCare.

For the first time, the congress will provide CME credits for healthcare providers attending the event. This integrated networking platform will allow all participants to connect prior to the event and pre-schedule one-on-one meetings at the congress in order to maximize the experience at the event.

Attendees of the event will also be able to get certified as a Medical Tourism or Medical Travel Specialist through the Certification Programs available at the congress which are aimed at improving protocols and practices for providing care to international patients, streamlining the patient management process and ensuring a continuum of care.

The programs are focused on providing transparency, education and communication with the patient as well as to provide the best possible patient experience.

The goal of the event is to facilitate strategic networking meetings at the congress in order to help you build new business relationships with key industry players.

Successfully entering its fifth year, this gala gathering of world leaders attracts participation from over 90 countries from various sectors including government representatives, global healthcare leaders, insurance industry giants, medical tourism industry stakeholders and healthcare management professionals.

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