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9 Benefits You Receive By Advancing Your Career This Weekend


Let’s be honest. You have a job but may feel your skills haven’t kept up with the younger staff coming onboard. Maybe that’s not the case, maybe you are secure in your career, but want to make sure you remain on top of the latest developments so that you can mentor the new generation.

Maybe you’re a young professional just entering the job market looking for something to set you apart from your peers. Maybe, you just want to increase your creditability by adding a few fancy letters after your name. Maybe you just want to learn more about your chosen profession and improve your abilities.

These are all common thoughts and concerns among working professionals, and you’re not alone in having them. What separates you is how you choose to overcome them.

Employees from across the labor market and from all walks of life are taking advantage of professional certifications – educational programs that expand on an individual’s skills and declare they are adept in their field – to address these concerns they have and to give their resume the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd.

However, not all certification programs were created equally. Some require you to drive far away from your home and sit through a few days’ worth of information you may already know while paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.

Then, after spending money on the course and travel expense like gas and a hotel room – not to mention the hours, maybe day, away from the office – you have to wait for the program to award you your certification.

Is this certification process worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes, as long as it is with the right certification program. The (CCWS) designation offers you the all the benefits you expect from a certification, from the comfort of your house at an affordable price, and you can complete it this weekend!

Still not convinced? Here are the nine benefits for you and your career a CCWS certification offers:

  1. Make more money. A study conducted by Georgetown University found that certification holder earned, on average 20 percent more than employees with only a high-school diploma.
  2. Access a new society of professionals. The best certification programs offer you support and assistance before, during and after your certification. Some certifications, like the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® designation, offer certification students association membership with their designation, giving them access to a completely new group of industry professionals to network with. You already know you share a common interest, what’s stopping you from meeting new people?
  3. Give the right impression. Having a certification shows employers that you are interested in lifelong learning, and are willing to invest yourself and your future. Who wouldn’t want to hire a person like that?
  4. Separate yourself from the crowd. When an employer is hiring, it often comes down to a handful of applicants. During this stage, any little piece of information can make the difference, particularly if you have a certification and the other candidate does not.
  5. The tools you need, when you need them. The purpose of a certification is to educate. You will master the skills you need to excel in your field. Be sure to put it to use!
  6. Fill in the gaps and expand your horizons. Experience will always be one of the best ways to learn. Unfortunately, learning from experience can leave gaps in your knowledge, leaving you strong in some areas, but with room to improve in other. A certification can fill these gaps and leave you open to experiencing new ideas outside of your comfort zone.
  7. Be the trusted source. Certification does more than give you the knowledge you need; it proves it to the world! Be the expert in the field your company needs and earn a seat at the table as your organization’s trusted source of information in your field.
  8. Pivot easier. Employees across the US are finding that they need to pivot their career to a new area. Certification provides the skills needed to make this transition easier. For example, a personal trainer looking to settle down into an office position can use their knowledge, along with a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® designation to enter the worksite wellness space.
  9. Give yourself a confidence boost. Earning a certification can be difficult, so successfully completing the course is an accomplishment. Feel pride after you receive your certificate and use that confidence boost to improve other areas of your life as well.

To help make 2018 your best year yet, we are offering all of our certification programs Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® (CCWS), Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® (CHRS)Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist® (CVBS)Certified Medical Tourism Professional®(CMTP), and Self Insurance Certified Specialist (SICS) designations for the low price of $299.99 until the end of the year. So sign up today and don’t miss out!

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