Destination Spotlight

A Date with the Villareals for a Dream Set of Teeth

Destination Spotlight

Models flash them with wide, beaming smiles. On billboards, they help sell products, from shirts to perfumes, and appliances to homes.  Movie stars and celebrities won’t be caught without a perfect set of pearly white teeth for those unexpected glamorous close-up shots.

But for ordinary folks, simply having a good set of teeth is just the right element to boost confidence in day to day life.  For those living in developed countries, one is better off being born with a good set of teeth if they have no obtained excellent dental insurance to cover the cost of the best possible service.

In reality, most western residents are not able to avail themselves of the first-rate dental services they need because their insurance does not cover it.  They would have to pay out of their pockets for procedures that are so expensive that they end up not having even basic services performed.

This sad state of affairs has given rise to a boom in this aspect of medical tourism, wherein Westerners venture abroad, finding it more affordable to seek dental services from specialists all over the globe.  One of the top places in the world where admirable dental procedures can be obtained is in the Philippines.

The Philippines boasts of a large number of medical and dental specialists, many of whom are trained in the U.S. at the highest levels and provide treatment at a fraction of the cost in developed countries.

Well regarded among competent and capable dental specialists, is the family of dentists running the renowned Villareal Dental Clinic, Inc. With five clinics strategically located all over Metro Manila, they are able to render service to patients with a wide range of dental requirements.

The Villareal Dental Clinic Inc. was founded by Dr. Hermogenes P. Villareal in 1974.  Since then, it has been rendering quality service to individuals such as Philippine presidents, ambassadors, consuls and dignitaries of other countries, employees of private companies, HMOs and hotels, presidents and chief executive officers, multinational companies and movie stars.  Their mission is to provide high quality dental services and excellent care to patients.

Patients are given a thorough evaluation and holistic treatment from their first appointment.  According to Dr. Villareal, his guiding principle in life, which he has taught his children, is “…to treat your patients with love and care as if you’re treating your own father, mother, brother or sister. Always give them the best quality dental care.”

Dr. Hermogenes P. Villareal is an active practitioner and one of the outstanding leaders in the dental profession, with a career spanning over 30 years. With his three children, Dr. Villareal oversees the management and operation of his dental firm.

His eldest child, Dr. Maria Sheryl Villareal-Borja, specializes in Prosthodontics, Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry.  Dr. Sheryl always remembers her dad’s reminder in treating patients, “Do it once and do it right.”  Also a Britesmile (whitening system) consultant, Dr. Sheryl says patients will love and remember you the way you treat them.

The pain-free Britesmile procedure entails using a cool blue light and a proprietary gel.  It gives clients a lasting effect of 6 to 8 shades whiter teeth and an impressive smile after only about an hour of the process.

The second of the three children, Dr. Maria Shervy Monica J. Villareal, specializes in Periodontics.  She takes on a holistic approach to oral health care from prevention to treatment and the maintenance phase. Periodontics deals with the teeth, gums and bone as well as oral hygiene.  There are different modes of treatment depending on the patient’s needs. But most importantly, this specialty ensures patient’s general oral health.

Dr. Sherwin J. Villareal, the youngest of the three, specializes in Implant Dentistry. Meanwhile, the matriarch of the family, the only non-dentist, ensures that the clinics are running smoothly and up to par with standards.

With a family-run dental clinic to tend to dental needs, one is assured of receiving tender loving care, much like what one would get from his own family. Everybody in the clinic lives by Dr. Villareal’s principle of care, “If you treat a patient with utmost care, the patient will be happy and satisfied, thus gaining life-long friends along the way. “

Dr. Villareal’s achievements and contributions in both the local and international industry have not remained unnoticed. He is a recipient of various awards for his selfless sharing of expertise in the dental profession and socio-civic involvement.

Dr. Hermogenes P. Villareal was a past President of the Philippine Dental Association. He has a diploma from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, fellowships from renowned international and local professional organizations, such as the International College of Dentists, Pierre Fauchard Academy, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, American College of Dentists, Federacion Dentaire International, and the  Philippine College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

An Honorary Fellow of the Philippine Academy of  Implant  Dentistry. Dr. Villareal took International Implant Advanced Course at Loma Linda University, USA, Calcitek Implant Surgery and Prosthetics Training Course at San Diego, California USA, and Surgical and Prosthetic Management of Implant patients at the University of the East College of Dentistry in  Manila.  His three children have all taken their post graduate specialty programs at the New York University.

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