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A Medical Treatment Overseas Program in Australia

Industry News

In the next issue of the Medical Tourism Magazine, there will be an incredible story about a five-year-old girl from Australia that travels to Florida to receive Proton Beam Therapy for a brain tumor. During the research process I came across the Medical Treatment Overseas Program (MTOP) offered in Australia.

This program provides financial assistance for Australians with a life-threatening medical condition to receive proven life saving medical treatment overseas where effective treatment is not available in Australia.

There are certain criteria that must be met in order to be approved for financial assistance for example; the Australian medical profession must accept the treatment as a standard form of care for this condition. One of the other criteria is that the treatment must be significantly life-extending and potentially curative.

If all criteria are met this program will cover all expenses associated with treatment and travel. They also cover expenses of bringing along a companion or hired care giver if necessary. There are many more details involved in this process; it will be further explained in the article coming out in April.

I find the MTOP particularly interesting because I had never heard of a program quite like this. I am interested to find out if other countries have programs like this. If anyone has insight on this matter please let me know!

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