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Destination Spotlight

The leadership and commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in a state of art hospital equipped with high technological advances. The Specialty Hospital operates through a strong belief that patient safety and the quality of the services delivered is truly a necessary investment.

Specialty Hospital has state of the art operating theaters in which we operate with a strong emphasis on controlling hospital acquired infections and limiting surgical site infections below the rates published by the CDC and WHO.

All of the operating rooms are equipped with ultra clean air technology using the modular steel structure which provides the surgical environment with the lowest rate of bacterial growth and no sharp corners in order to be able to circulate the air inside the room at least 26 times hourly.

Non-touch hermetically sealed sliding doors featuring special antibacterial and antifungal paint are in place along with an antistatic conductive flooring system to ensure the highest level of safety because of the electrosurgical unit. The lighting technology is also the most up-to-date using LED technology which contains different chroma that allows the surgeon to choose depending on his field of specialty, a very cool light perhaps for a lengthy procedure and also has the capability to dim from 15000-10000 lux.

This surgical light structure is also equipped with a special camera which provides a view of the surgical field on monitor and transmits the operation for documentation, teaching and telemedicine purposes.

As a referral center for Laparoscopic Surgery, The Specialty Hospital has a very sophisticated L-Suite equipped with top of the line voice activated laparoscopic Stryker instruments that have the capability to archive data and teleconference through three HD cameras and monitors with a high speed internet connection. These technological advances aid our surgeons in providing our patients with the best possible results.

The operating theaters provide ceiling pendants utilized by anesthesia and provide ample electrical sockets and shelves which eliminate the cables on the ground, a precautionary measure and all around better utilization of space.

Each room is provided with a digital control panel which contains humidity and temperature control, a digital and laps clock to accurately document the duration of the operation time. There is also a panel which contains audio-visual alarms for the gases used. Wireless telephones have been installed in order to communicate with any department throughout the hospital.

Specialty Hospital is a pioneer in cardiac surgery in addition to all conventional surgeries.  For that purpose, we created a dedicated theater for those specialties.  Because of the positive outcomes, we do a large number of cardiac cases utilizing the hybrid theater as the Primary Theater for cardiac procedures in which the cardiac team can do the cardiac catheterization and proceed to cardiac surgery in the same place without needing to move the patient.

With a dedicated CCU next door we ensure the highest level of safety, convenient and efficiency which reflected by our surgical outcomes.

Specialty Hospital takes pride in the expertise of its surgeons, most of which are Board Certified in either the USA and/or the UK.   We are extremely proud of our nursing and surgical staff.   Their skills and experience produce commendable results.


As a General Manager and CEO of the Specialty Hospital, Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri has succeeded in making his hospital one of the most unique private hospitals in Jordan.  Dr. Al-Hammouri graduated from the Medical School in Amman and continued his postgraduate training in England. He received his MRCP certificate in Pediatrics and also a subspecialty in Pediatric Endocrinology, then came back to Jordan and was appointed as Assistant Professor in the medical school.
In 2004 he was elected as Chairman of Private Hospitals Association (PHA) and re-elected in 2006 and in 2008 in which he managed with his colleagues in the board of PHA to improve the performance of the association and they were able with other stakeholders in Jordanian health sector to launch the Jordanian Health Care Accreditation Program.  In this role, he spends a lot of his time serving the members of the Association by advocating their needs both inside Jordan and abroad.

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