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Destination Spotlight

Medica Sur is an internationally recognized health institution comprised of diagnostics medical attention research teaching and community service units. The institution has brought together a select group of medical nursing administrative and hospital management professionals who  guided by a strict ethical code and backed by cutting edge technology  endeavor to offer medical excellence with human warmth.

With more than 28 years of experience Médica Sur has maintained a constant growth over the years making permanent renovations to health care and wellness programs as well as in teaching research and development allowing us to reach the greatest advances in modern medicine to benefit our patients well being. Medica Sur is proud to be the only hospital in Mexico City with a Medical Tourism Department that is determined to help all visiting patients by any means so they can feel as comfortable at the hospital as if they were at home.

By doing so Medica Sur ensures that our international patients are taken care of as they deserve.The Medical Tourism department receives requests daily either by telephone or by e-mail from potential patients all over the world considering obtaining medical attention in Mexico City.

Once the request is received the department contacts the patient in order to ask for more information on the requested treatment such as medical history diagnosis doctor's reports imaging reports etc. Having gathered these the department arranges either an online or a telephone appointment with the patient. The online appointment can be done by using a variety of sources be it as simple as a skype chat up to advanced communicative technology such as the comprehensive telemedicine system that are offered by the Telemedicine Department.

The Medical Tourism department helps the patient with the travel arrangements offering various discounted flight options to the patient through a number of internationally positioned travel agencies Medica Sur has arrangements with. Once the flight is reserved the Medical Tourism department not only books the hospital and surgery rooms but also books a hotel room for the patients pre- and post-surgery stay if needed.

Medica Sur is the only hospital in Mexico City with a hotel within the hospital complex and features a Holiday Inn & Suites which has been designed specifically for the comfort of our patients and their companions that visit us from outside Mexico City with 43 rooms and 10 suites. The hotel includes transportation service from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport for our medical tourism patients as well.

This innovative concept helps us provide a full package that includes diagnosis treatment and pre and postoperative stay all in one place for the comfort and security of our patients.Once in the hospital complex the patient is taken care of by the Medical Tourism department from the ground-up catering to special dietary needs and providing internet connection 24/7 and pharmacy products.

The patient is taken to his or her first face to face appointment with the specialist and after the first appointment and/or necessary pre-surgery tests the patient is taken back to the room with his or her surgery scheduled for the very next day. Prior to surgery the specialist speaks to the patient and explains the procedure and expected outcome then the patient is taken to the operating room to be prepared for the surgery.

The patient undergoes surgery and is kept in a recovery room for a couple of hours where he or she is looked after by medical staff comprised of anesthesiologists and intensive care physicians.After this the patient is taken to his or her room where he or she can be accompanied by a friend or family member. The companion can even sleep in a separate bed in the same hospital room so that the patient can be looked after by loved ones as well as by nursing and medical staff.

Alternatively the patient's companion may choose to stay in the hotel while waiting for the patient's discharge date.A few days later the patient is taken to the hotel room so the patient and the family members can be more comfortable and still be within the hospital complex. This is to make the post-surgery consultation easier and more comfortable for the patient each time he or she is evaluated by the specialist.

There the specialist decides whether and when the patient can be discharged and go back home. Having the hotel within the complex also eases the patients trip to the physiotherapy or any other necessary facilities in the hospital depending on the procedure that the patient has had.In addition the patient can order his or her medication from the two pharmacies in the hospital complex as well as food from our three restaurants.

The restaurants have menus in English and serve a variety of national and international food according to the patients preference. What is more our patients do not need to leave the secure hospital complex to find international banks or enjoy their time in the gym which are all within the hotel.When the patient is finally discharged and ready to leave the hospital the Medical Tourism department can either program the patients trip back home or arrange some sightseeing trips to various cultural centers around the city if the patient is allowed by his or her specialist.

The Medical Tourism department in Medica Sur receives patients not only from North America but also from Central and South America. Regardless of the origin of the patient Medica Sur offers medical attention and practices that are ethical and effective with human warmth in state-of-the-art facilities with high-end technology for the maximum benefit and total satisfaction of our users be they doctors patients family members of companies nationally and internationally.

Medica Sur is proud to be one of the most cutting edge technology hospitals in all Latin America offering not only the most popular medical tourism treatments such as orthopedics cosmetic surgery dental treatments obesity/bariatric surgery but also non-invasive brain tumor removal through our Gamma Knife technology or non-invasive miomectomy with our focus ExAblate procedure.

Furthermore Medica Sur offers PET-CT (Positron emission tomography - computed tomography) Comprehensive Cancer Center and Radiation Therapy with two Accelerators.Médica Sur is a modern multidisciplinary high specialty hospital with one of the most advanced clinical laboratories in all Latin America certified by the College of American Pathologists which applies high quality standards of accuracy and safety.

Our surgical units are at the same level as those in the best hospitals in the world and have the technical specifications needed to perform any surgical procedure be it as simple as an appendectomy or the replacement of an orthopedic prosthesis or something as complex as a kidney transplant.

Medica Sur is not only a hospital where our patients can find the most advanced technology but also where they can obtain the best medical attention and feel special. Receiving medical attention at Medica Sur is a memorable lifetime experience that you will want to share with your loved ones.

About the Author

Pinar Ayan is the manager of the Medical Tourism Department at Medica Sur Mexico. She has a degree in Hispanic Studies and a Masters in International Business. She has many years of experience in customer service. Furthermore she is a freelance management consultant as she likes helping entrepreneurs to improve their businesses. She is passionate about Medical Tourism and utterly enjoys creating new strategies in order to improve the international health care service that her hospital successfully offers. Her vision is to make Medica Sur the number one Medical Tourism destination in Americas. She can be contacted at and/or +52(55)54246896.

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