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The Medical Tourism Association conceived the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress as a call for action born out of the necessity of a platform for people to learn share ideas network and work together for the greater good of the international healthcare industry.

We wanted to bring business leaders together most importantly to dare them to ask difficult questions and to come up with solutions for difficult problems: What do we need to do to improve upon the growth of healthcare worldwide? Our business models need to be sustainable. There needs to be a greater collaboration between government bodies and healthcare providers to deliver a healthcare product which provides value for the increasing number of patients in search thereof.More than 1200 top healthcare leaders providers governments and academics came together in September 2010 and made great progress in their pursuit of knowledge and relationships.

The World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress is gathering each year an increasing number of people from all over the world and 84 countries. Medical tourism is unequivocally more than a trend it is an entity a global network and a dynamic of people. Over 200 expert speakers provided testimony that the future of medical travel is in front of us. Our destination as a whole is not only to impact the health care system but to impact the worldwide vision of healthcare.The 3rd World Medical Tourism Congress depicted the importance of multiple aspects and perspectives of the medical tourism industry.

First of all the patient-physician or patient-surgeon relationship became a topic of high interest this year regarding pre and post operative care exploring the means to articulate the patient trust in a hospital abroad to their needs. In the next few years this relation will shape itself differently making room for a better personal care monitoring as telemedicine plays a greater role in medical tourism.

Because the population desires are in constant motion through health trends social influences and political factors cruise lines and sustainable hospitals are now stepping foot in the medical tourism industry implementing contrasting services throughout the world. Indeed new markets are emerging in every continent. From Asia to the Middle East officials encourage the development and extension of medical tourism.

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding during the congress Dubai Health Authority and the Medical Tourism Association agreed to work together to strengthen the medical tourism sector in Dubai. Encouraging the growth and the well-being of untapped markets is a priority for the Medical Tourism Association.On the other hand if some US businesses are feeling jeopardized by the application of the recent health care reform it is time to envision medical tourism as a positive alternative and a means of diversification within the healthcare landscape.

However thinking outside the box brings success when projects and concerns are shared.The Medical Tourism Association is an education management platform open to the entire healthcare industry that will pursue the call for action launched and carried forward during the World Medical Tourism and Global healthcare Congress. We will produce future oriented concepts to the worlds healthcare stakeholders and strive towards the emergence of new business development and sustainable healthcare growth.

I know that the challenges that face the medical tourism industry are numerous but through working together we can make real progress.Next year our 4th annual World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress will take place in Chicago from October 26-28 2011 featuring worldwide healthcare leader representation and new exciting topics. Im looking forward to seeing you there.

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Renée-Marie Stephano is General Counsel and a Director of the Medical Tourism Association Inc. an international non-profit organization that serves international healthcare providers and medical travel facilitators in the global healthcare industry. Renée-Marie is an attorney licensed to practice law in the states of Florida Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has a background in litigation and health law. She is also Editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine a monthly journal serving the global healthcare industry by free subscription at Renée-Marie may be reached at

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