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A word from the CEO of the Medical Tourism Association

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Just wanted to let all of you who are coming to LA knoust wanted to let all of you who are coming to LA know I am really excited for this year and to see you again. It is going to be a great event. We have some amazing speakers, and still am amazed at how we do it each. The exhibit hall is filling up, and our buyers of healthcare VIP program is working amazingly, from bringing in insurance companies, employers and today we have 4 people registering who run a caribbean country's ehatlhcare program for all the state workers. We will also have participation from countries who previously have not entered the market before.

But best of all and why I am writing is to share a quote I received today from a really dynamic person in US health insurance (and a great person) , Armando Polanco from Texas Benefit who is working with their employer clients to implement medical tourism for their employees. The quote is below

The World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress continues to dominate as the forum to attend in the process of education and social networking. Attending will help bring legitimacy in ones profession within Medical Tourism and can catapult ones understanding and credibility at the same time.

The premise for Medical Tourism in the United States was always surrounding the topics of Quality of Care with Low Cost. Now in the midst of healthcare reform a new dominating factor of Access to Care will provide a new driving force for the growth of patient migration.

Armando Polanco, Texas Benefit

Jonathan Edelheit, CEO ~ Medical Tourism Association

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