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ABC Hospital A History of Leadership in Healthcare

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Referred as Mexicos first hospital in terms of patient preference quality caring and tradition the ABC Hospital is one of Mexicos leading private health care institutions. The ABC founded in 1886 is a not-for-profit organization organized under the charitable institution laws for of the Federal District of Mexico.

The ABC is a specialty hospital offering services of the caliber available in few institutions in the world. The medical center serves the large and growing private health care market of Mexico City as well as patients from every other region of the country and abroad. By developing specialty centers -- including a Cancer Center and a Women and Children wing -- and opening a second campus serving western Mexico City the ABC has steadily grown organically within the city.

Today less than six years later the two facilities operate 331 adult and pediatric beds at both campuses. Thanks to their long term extensive affiliation agreement with the Methodist Hospital System of Houston in 2006 the ABC has already significant leadership in oncology services within Mexico.

The broad affiliation played a key role in the program design and training for the Cancer Center. It has additionally benefited the ABCs transition to a world class service line organizational structure and its subsequent accreditation by the USs Joint Commission International.

In April of 2011 the ABC will complete construction and the equipping of a five story Neurosciences Orthopedics and Rehabilitation facility at Santa Fe. The medical staff is composed of over 1000 physicians graduates of the countrys leading medical schools and specialty training programs.

The ABC is a leading educator of physicians according to their website. As the leading private residency training site for the National University it offers fourteen residency training programs whose graduates all score in the top percentile of the national residency exams.In addition over 120auxiliary volunteers are bilingual English-Spanish.The ABCs services today cover the broadest range of care including:

  • General Surgery of all types including many by laparoscopic procedure from the institution that pioneered minimally invasive surgery in Mexico and Latin America.
  • An internationally accredited Weight Loss Clinic which offers bariatric surgery (only) to those patients who legitimately require surgical intervention.
  • The most modern Comprehensive Cancer Center in Mexico and Latin America with state of the art image guided radiation therapy with an in-house high speed CT planning process. Also chemotherapy in the most spacious and comfortable  and secure  facilities anywhere. PET/CT (positron emission tomography) at a fraction of the cost of these services in the US). A bone marrow transplantation department with the countrys most successful results with both adults and children for auto-logous and third party donor procedures directed by a US trained specialist and team. The cost of these procedures runs from 50% of US costs to substantially less than that.
  • Neuroscience Division composed of sixty specialists and sub-specialists in Spine and Cranial surgery a fully digital Neurophysiology Diagnostic and sleep analysis center and all other invasive and non-invasive Neuroscience modalities.
  • Orthopedic Division of which the ABC has been a leader in the country and region for many years offering joint repair and replacement services and post-surgical rehabilitation support.
  • A Cardiology and Cardiovascular Division composed of XX world class specialists clinicians and surgeons offering invasive and non-invasive procedures including angioplasty coronary artery by-pass grafts and the revolutionary stem cell treatment for pump failure.
  • Diagnostic Services on a par with any world class medical center: 100% digital medical imaging services at both ABC Campuses with direct electronic consultation available with Methodist Houstons imaging service for consultation conferences when needed and a US certified Clinical Laboratory and Anatomic Pathology Department.
  • In addition to an Obstetrics and Gynecology Division offering that best services in Gyn diagnosis and treatment the ABCs specialists operate a private US certified in vitro fertilization program which has operated for several years with results equaling the best in the US and Europe at a fraction of the cost.
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