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Al Khalidi Medical Center 31-Year Success Story in Amman Jordan

Destination Spotlight

In our part of the world some institutions and companies have managed to excel in their field year after year in spite of challenges and setbacks. They achieve high standards world-class standards in many cases but are familiar only to those that have utilized their services or within select circles. Among such entities is Al Khalidi Medical Center (KMC) in Amman Jordan. KMC is a mid-size multi-specialty boutique hospital that has garnered a three-decade long reputation for superior healthcare services and world class standards.

One needs to visit KMC experience the atmosphere within this hospital setting see how it operates and speak with our qualified dedicated staff to understand the centers outstanding reputation and secret formulas of success. Many factors weigh into creating and maintaining a world class hospital and KMC has proudly and earnestly earned this status. In a nut shell KMC offerings includes 1st class medical care 5-star hospitality services provided by staff who are dedicated and passionate about upholding standards of excellence genuine caring and warmth specialized healthcare and big smiles.

First and foremost one can discern that KMC lives up to its vision since inception over 30 years ago. That KMC embodies the following statement: is a bold and creative vision and upholds an attitude espoused by management based on the philosophy of achieving the highest of standards and the best in class in every service we offer and to accept nothing less than that.KMC specializes in leading-edge procedures and surgeries in oncology cardiology orthopedics neurology among other health specialties.

The hospital also excels in the simplest of medical procedures upholding a philosophy that patients deserve the best standards of care. Success stories are in abundance at KMC we wish to share one in particular which took place at KMC last year in 2009.On October 13 2009 minutes past midnight Mr. Mahmoud Ahmad Awad was admitted to Al Khalidi Medical Center as an emergency case.

He was transferred from the Al Zarka Governmental Hospital having been a traffic accident victim in which he was struck by a bus while sitting in front of his shop. The accident resulted in severe trauma conditions to the lower part of his left side with multiple fractures in the upper third part of his thigh bone and the lower third part of his leg bone completely tearing all of his knee tissues inclusive of blood flow cessation in those parts.

When Mr. Awad arrived at KMC he was rushed into surgery where Dr. Ismael Ghazal Consultant of Orthopedic Surgery treated the multiple fractures of the thigh and leg bones with an external holding apparatus. An external mobile joint was fitted to hold the knee in place thus enabling Dr. Saber Al Rawashdeh Consultant of Vascular Surgery to revive the blood circulation to the lower part via three extensive and complicated surgeries.

Once that was accomplished normal coloring effective circulation healthy tissue and skin tone were finally restored. The operations lasted through the night into the next morning as the medical team was finally able to successfully rebuild the patients legs and lower extremities bringing them back to life. Our patient was filled with smiles and gratefulness once he learned that his severely-damaged lower body had been saved and that he would be able to resume his daily life to the full extent as it was prior to the accident.

KMC is proud to have a multitude of comprehensive integrated and highly-advanced departments highly qualified and well trained doctors surgeons nursing staff up to date and latest among modern medical scientific systems and technological machines.KMC established the first and only cutting-edge Intensive Stroke Unit in the whole region. We also are home to a world-class 3-bed Bone Marrow Transplant unit.

And the only Radiotherapy and Nuclear medicine center within the private sector in Jordan Al Afia Center is located on our hospital premises. However KMC is truly differentiated above other centers not only by these capabilities but it is our genuine caring in action and devout commitment to patients that distinguishes us. We consider it essential to our health practices that patients leave healthy happy and satisfied that they have been to a high-quality healthcare facility at a fraction of the cost over going to the west for the same treatments.

By coming to KMC they received high standards of care for value proving to be an excellent choice.KMCs impeccable reputation is a story of success that spans the whole region amongst patients from across the Gulf to international patients that have been treated in our hospital.

The KMC story has enticed many people who seek medical care to come to Jordan for tourism inclusive of a medical procedure done at KMC. When they inquire about the best Jordan has to offer in terms of available healthcare KMCs name is included at the top of the list.Turn to JordanYour Smart Medical Destination

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