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Industry News

Manhattan Research recently took a look at the impact of Mobile Devices on the Healthcare Industry and found that 75% of Physicians favor Apple’s iPad and iPhone!

Although multiple tablets are hitting the market, the iPad continues to dominate the tablet market in health care with 30% of Doctors already using the iPad to access EHRs (Electronic Health Records), view radiology images and communicate with patients through social media.

“The iPad really is the primary tablet at this point,” Avallone said. It will be interesting to see in a year whether any of the competing tablets gain market share against the iPad in the health care field, he added.

A similar March survey by research firm Aptilon found that 79 percent of doctors preferred the iPad This summer, Manhattan Research will take another look into the healthcare industry to learn how pharmaceutical-sales reps and medical-device reps may adopt iPads for their use.

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As for the Medical Tourism Industry, the Medical Tourism Magazine has adopted a new technology for it’s International Healthcare Providers that have adopted the iPad, iPhone, and iPod into their daily routine.

This new online version of Medical Tourism Magazine is built using HTML5 which enables readers to access the online reader on their mobile devices! It also features innovative linking in the Table of Contents that takes you to any article with a click of the mouse or a tap of your finger!

Come check out the new version of the Medical Tourism Magazine on your computer, tablet or smartphone and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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