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This November The Medical Tourism Association will host the 6th edition of the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress the event is the largest international medical tourism conference and exhibition in the world.

We understand that it can be challenging to chose which events are worthwhile supporting and there has been a lot of noise lately from conference organizers and others claiming to be unique, so don't take our word for it here is what some of our sponsors and participants from around the world have to say about the World Medical Tourism Congress.

List of Participants

I'm glad that I was able to share and I learned a lot. I learned that I need to continue to come to the Ministerial Summit to be in a better position to support the countries, and I learned in fact many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are keenly interested in medical tourism

Dr. Karen Sealey, Special Advisor to the United Nations, Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organizations

Over all I had stimulating, enriching experience attending the summit which will help me better to apply myself at work back home in India. Thanks to Ms Renee, President MTA, Charlie and the team for conducting such a knowledge enhancing and business networking summit which we surely cherish for this year to come and awaiting for fantastic Las Vegas experience coming 2013 already!!! Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi, Founder, IPC Heart Care Centre

I think the event is very well organized and the whole presentation was impressive. If I choose a partner in south East Asia, Thailand will be on the top of the list.
Jeffrey Chen|Executive Director |Insurance & Benefit Insupro

Our participation as a medical tourism destination was very successful. The event is just what we need to present our services and medical tourism strategy because all our target is there, first level brokers, facilitators and buyers. We are looking forward for the next edition.
Blanca Bernal, Gerente, Mexicali Tourism Board

The 5th world medical tourism and global healthcare congress were very useful to me also the Medical Director summit was also very informative and beneficial to our aim lham abu khader, Assistant General Director, Jordan University Hospital, Amman – Jordan

I think that this Congress is one of the biggest events, and my country has to be here because it's the best place to show what initiatives we are doing right now and it's the perfect scenario to work on our strategies My goal was to find key players to invite them to my country to show them what we are doing and to change the perception; I have already invited six speakers to Colombia Miguel Angel Pulido, National Director of Health Tourism Sector for Colombia

We could see the latest trends in medical tourism and where the industry is going, we learned a lot for example, from a marketing session we learned what the best usage of social media is, which is something we never thought about but it is very important for customer interactions.
Naoko Miake, Representative from Japan Tourism Agency

I was extremely impressed with the level of event organization, the impressive line-up of topics and presenters, and the array of exhibitors from across the globe and the number of business contacts which were established at the event which will of great advantage to our international program…

My colleagues who participated both at the booth and separately as attendees at the various sessions were equally impressed and came away with flattering reviews of the event which I am sure will make our commitment for the 2013 event a foregone conclusion.
Caswell Walford, Market Director, International Strategies & Development ,Tenet Healthcare Corporation | Florida Region

I was invited by a friend last year in Chicago, and it opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities, I corresponded with a lot of contacts I made last year so it brought me back this year. Eric Etshman, Alba Dow Benefits Solutions

It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and your colleagues during the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress in Fort Lauderdale For a first time participant, I found the Congress both enlightening and enjoyable and believe that it was certainly worth the effort to be there. McHale Andrew, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Saint Lucia

I had great experience at the congress. The Thailand session was very informative and impressive. I believe Thailand has great record of providing high quality services inexpensively. This is the reason I am looking forward to help more and more people to educate about the competitive edge of excellence in health care services. I am very much interested in visiting Thailand soon and do the networking with the providers. Anwar Syed,President, Go Medical Tourism Inc.

We had direct access through this show to executives and decision makers. The networking breakfast was phenomenal for us. We had the opportunity to hand select close to 30-40 invitations that we wanted to connect with It was a great opportunity to get our name out there and connect with prospects. Puneet Arora, Vice President of Sales, Keas

It is with greatest of pleasure that I write to inform you of my absolute appreciation of being invited to attend the 5th World Medical Tourism Congress which was superlative on all levels. The excellent opportunities for global networking as well as the outstanding presentations, seminars, opportunities for small, large and mega corporations were equitable in value added outcomes for all in attendees, adding of course that the location was perfectly outstanding.
Carole Appleyard, President and CEO, Carole Appleyard Consulting Ltd., Cayman Islands

The 6th World Medical Tourism Congress will be celebrated Nov 3rd 5th at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The congress will gather up to 2,000 industry professionals from around the globe representing governments, centers of excellence, multinational corporations, and other public and private organizations involved in health and wellness travel.

It is the must attend event in the industry, not because of the location or because the organizers say so but because from both the educational and networking perspectives, attending will be the best opportunity for your organization to increase your global market share and improve your branding internationally.

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