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Industry News

Globally estimated at $60 billion dollars annually medical tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. The importance for facilitators to receive advanced education has become imperative as more insurance companies and employers implement medical tourism and more patients travel globally for care.

Known for setting industry standards the MTA (Medical Tourism Association) has created a certification for industry professionals. Whether you're an experience professional or new to the industry with our innovative Certified Medical Tourism Specialist Certification you will gain the knowledge and understanding of the best practices in medical tourism and international patient services. You will be set apart from the competition by demonstrating your specialized expertise and commitment to the fast growing industry.

The most recent 2013 MTA Patient Survey revealed that most medical tourists who traveled overseas using a facilitator were not very satisfied with regards to the facilitator’s medical knowledge, availability, and attention to detail.

Consumers are now becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to choosing a facilitator. They're looking for those with a good reputation and an understanding on what the patient needs are.

Do you want to build credibility? Do you want to show patients that you have the knowledge? Get Certified today!


– Understand medical tourism patient facilitation

- Learn best practices in implementation, communication & engagement

- Demonstrates to employers, healthcare providers, insurers and other industry peers that you possess the training and knowledge, and understand best practices in medical tourism and International patient services

-Two (2) years MTA membership

– Be featured on the most relevant B2B and B2C communication channels as a Specialist giving you maximum exposure that will provide you with potential leads.

– Provides access to a global network of partners worldwide

We've made it very simple to get certified by offering two (2) great options.

  • IN PERSON. Attend the 6th World Medical Tourism Congress (Las Vegas, Nov 3rd – 6th) and get certified! Enjoy unlimited networking opportunities in the event of the year you can’t miss! Optimize your business potential and save money with our special offer of $2,000. Only until July 31st. Register Now.
  • ONLINE. Get Certified Online at your convenience for $1,500.
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