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Authenticate Yourself or Your Company at the WMT & GHC

Industry News

The 9th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress ( WMT & GHC ) taking place in Washington D.C., September 25-28, 2016; offers a variety of ways to authenticate yourself or your company as a player in the medical or wellness tourism industry.

All year long the Medical Tourism Association offers a number of programs, blogs, membership opportunities and more that will assist anyone in getting their name recognized within the industry. The culmination of the MTA's efforts is the WMT & GHC.

The congress is action packed and designed to be the annual event where individuals and companies from around the world gather to network, learn and authenticate their place within the industry.

How Can You Use the WMT & GHC to Your Advantage?

  1. Become a speaker. Right now the agenda is pretty packed with some of the industry's best speakers, but there is a speaking/sponsorship opportunity called the Educational Underwriter Sponsorship. This would give you or your company the chance to present in a 25 or 50 minute educational session that will be featured on the conference agenda + many other branding opportunities are included with the package.

  2. Out of the box branding opportunities. The MTA team has designed (based on client feedback) a number of creative ways that a company can obtain maximum exposure at the event. Some of those options include: Official Wi-Fi sponsor, coffee station sponsor, official sponsor of a leadership or executive summit, cell phone recharge station sponsor, registration sponsor or private networking luncheon sponsor. Or, if you have a better idea for sponsorship that will work best for you, the MTA can likely make that happen!

  3. Exhibit booth sponsorship. It's always a good idea to have a stellar presence in the exhibit hall. The MTA offers many options for exhibit booths with value added perks to go along with them. By having a booth, you have the perfect meeting place already set up for potential clients or partners, all they have to do is walk into the exhibit hall.

  4. Certification. Attendees can sign up to take the Certified Medical Tourism Professional Certification course at the event. This certification helps individuals to authenticate their place within the industry and learn the best ways to market their services. Two years of MTA membership is included with this certification.

  5. Medical Tourism Magazine (MTM). This branding opportunity is noted as a favorite for conference attendees. Why? The MTA prints and distributes the magazine to all conference attendees. By having an ad, article or advertorial in the magazine you can just flip to that page and show a potential client or partner your brand in print. They can mark that page so when they get home they will have a perfect reminder of their meeting with you. Talk about branding opportunities this year the conference magazine will be a FLIP edition it will be MTM combined with Corporate Wellness Magazine. The advertising opportunities in this issue are to die for. Check out the media kit in the middle . Contact for more information.

There are just five options listed here, at the WMT & GHC the options are endless. As previously mentioned, if you have a better idea the MTA is known to create and customize a package deal based on the type of visibility the client is looking for.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities contact Rudy Dopico, Congress Manager, at

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