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Award Winner Nicole Schickler from Mondial Assistance Canada

Accreditation & Certification

The global benefits industry is constantly changing with the ebb and flow of the economy. Nicole Schickler, vice president of strategic partnerships for Mondial Assistance Canada (a company of Allianz Global Assistance), has spoken about some of the obstacles the industry faces and how best to overcome them.

Mondial Assistance Canada delivers innovative products and assistance services to Canadian travelers through its partnerships with some of the country’s best known brands in the travel and financial sectors.

Schickler said that one of the greatest challenges the company faces is developing global strategies that can be integrated locally. Some others are increasing healthcare costs and cost shifting, legislative and licensing changes, rising demand for specialty services, self-serve tools and mobile technology.

“In addition to working globally, we must locally balance the unique needs of the customer while maintaining control of the costs and differentiating ourselves with value-added services,” she said.

In order to combat some of these issues, she said the company adapts its specialized products and services to local legislation requirements. Additionally, the company using a three-pronged strategy: direction is a centralized function, support is regional and actual service is local.

“This structure continues to serve us well, ensuring we benefit from a global vision, regional strength and local personal service,” she said.

Schickler said the Employee Life, Disability and Health plans will continue to be the main benefits offered this year. To ensure success, she said the company implements a total compensation approach that enables it to focus on what is appropriate for a certain market while making comparisons across markets for consistency.

Trust and honesty, she said, make Mondial Assistance Canada successful.

“We provide help anytime, anywhere to make life simpler, safer and more financially secure to our clients,” she said. “The global reach of our company during a time when our clients’ need us most and our ability to deliver when needed build the foundation of trust that our company is built on, which enhances our leadership position.”

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