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Ayurvedic Capital of Kerala, India

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I was fortunate to visit and find out that Trissur city, in Kerala (India), called God’s Own Country, is the Capital of Ayurveda in the truest sense. You will find dozens of Ayurvedic shops and also, ‘desi” medicinal shops in almost every roads and lanes. Everywhere there is that ancient, pleasant aroma of Nature..There are also a good many number of reputed Ayurvedic medicines manufactures and hospitals in Trissur, including the famed state owned ”Oushadhi” managed by team of highly trained, experienced Ayurvedic doctors.

Recently, Oushadhi’s Chief Medical Supdt. has formulated seven different “Amla”(wood apple) juice preparations under a beautiful heading- Seven Sisisters..More than half a dden Seven Sisters Juices Shops are operating successfully in the city. Besides hospsitals and clinics, there are quite a few very good Ayurvedic resorts too in the Trissur city.

Since I have taken up promotion of products of a new start up company in Trissur city, I intent to stay back here for some more time. So, certainly I would like to bring outmore interesting information about the potential of this wonderful “Ayurvedic Capial” of Kerala and, perhaps, India in the near future..

Kindly wait!!

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