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Destination Spotlight

Brazil- Your Best Choice for Healthcare

Destination Spotlight

Brazil... home to rolling hills rainforests and pristine beaches. Singer Jorge Ben Jor described it best in a song: Moro num país tropical abençoado por Deus e bonito por natureza. He sings that Brazil is a tropical place blessed by God and beautiful by nature. This pure wonderland is the largest country in South America and the economic power in the region

It is truly the best of both worlds. The spectacular landscapes and tourist attractions will take your breath away and the medical professionals will provide quality service for all your clinical and surgical needs at great affordability.

If you want sun the carnival and one of the best plastic surgery clinics in the world you should visit Rio de Janeiro. Or if youre searching for culture and tranquility Porto Alegre is your choice providing world-class dental and bariatric treatments and clinics. Recife is great for sightseeing and has a number of options for eye surgeries.


Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not only does it have beautiful beaches but it also has gorgeous mountain overlooks. It is a cultural hub of Brazil and as a guest you will you have the opportunity to explore a number of cultural hotspots including the National Library (the largest in Latin America and eighth in the world) Theatro Municipal and Copacabana Palace. You will also interact with the Rio de Janeiro natives called Cariocas. These people have a great peace of mind and sense of humor and they know how to live and share their experiences with everyone they meet. The best time to visit is between March and November.

Rio de Janeiro has a number of internationally renowned hospitals and facilities most of which have separate clinics with English-trained staff to accommodate tourists. One such hospital is Hospital Copa DOr which is owned by the largest healthcare provider in the country Rede DOr. This hospital has achieved a number of international accreditations and has an excellent emergency and intensive care unit. It has 11 operating rooms and a separate adult and pediatric ICU one of the few in Brazil that allows loved ones to accompany the patient in the room. The hospital treats its patients as guests so it features conventional and VIP suites which are serviced by a special hotel service hospital.

Hospital Samaritano is known for having the latest technology. Its cardiology department has special monitors which measure patients progress by sending ECG results to be analyzed constantly. All its heart physicians are internationally certified in emergency response by the American Heart Association and its trauma physicians are approved by the American College of Surgeons. It also features a special international patient section and accepts all major health insurance companies.

Casa de Saúde São José Hospital is another famous hospital in Rio de Janeiro known for its multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses. It specializes in everything from neurology and orthopedics to plastic surgery and urology. It has 27 obstetrics rooms and six suites 107 rooms and five suites for surgical admissions accomodation for 40 babies in the nursery 30 beds in the adult ICU and 22 beds in the neonatal ICU. It also features an international patient department with English- Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking staff.

The city offers highly specialized physicians including world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. Pitanguy went to medical school in Rio de Janeiro but received further training in the United States at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and later with famous surgeons in France and England.


If youre looking for a taste of Europe you can go to Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. This part of the country is known for great wines scrumptious dining options and traditional Italian and German cuisine. The old European architecture has been preserved as cultural centers and museums and the city bustles with theater music and visual and plastic arts. The temperature is lovely throughout the year with no snow storms rain or excessive heat.

Porto Alegres airport is 15 minutes from downtown a quick traffic-free trip to a hotel tourist attraction or medical center. An international hub for medical and business conferences the city has 27 hospitals 468 dental clinics and four health sciences and medical universities. It is home to Moinhos de Vento Hospital voted the best local facility by the Joint Commission International and São Lucas Hospital which is highly specialized in cosmetic surgery orthopedics cardiology bariatric surgery neurology and cancer treatment.

Hospital Mãe de Deus is one of the fastest growing healthcare institutions for health technology and patient care. It specializes in cardiology oncology neurology and opthamology among others and it also has a number of institutes within the hospital including ones for cancer preventative medicine transplantation and mental health. It is part of the Mãe de Deus Healthcare System which includes seven other hospitals in Rio Grande do Sul State.

The two centuries old Porto Alegre Santa Casa Hospital Complex consists in seven hospitals (two outstanding general and five highly specialized facilities) emphasizing the areas of internal medicine general surgery cardiology neurosurgery pulmonology ophthalmology oncology pediatrics dentistry and transplants. Due to its commitment for sustained growth Santa Casa Complex won the National Quality Award in 2002 by the Foundation for the National Quality in recognition for organizations in permanent for managing excellence and international best practices. The Santa Casa de Porto Alegre is the first hospital and the first private non-profit organization in the country to receive the PNQ award.

Don speak Portuguese? No problem! Communication is no concern because English is the predominant language in the medical field. The Porto Alegre Healthcare Cluster is also a member of the Medical Tourism Association.


Another leading medical city is Recife located in the northeast. The city has breathtaking natural beauties with a rainforest and a number of islands rivers and waterways dispersed throughout. It is generally hot and barely rains between September and March. Recife offers tourist attractions to suit a variety of tastes. Visitors can spend the day exploring the citys museums historical monuments and the historic town center in Olinda named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1982. In the evening they can party downtown at one of the many clubs and carnivals and after they can return to one of the citys quality 3- 4- and 5-Star hotels.

Recife is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil and one of the countrys top business centers. It is centrally located to other parts of the country and its international airport and two international ports provide easy access for visitors. The city ranks as the second-largest medical center in the country after São Paulo with great hospitals and American-trained professionals waiting to assist patients from all over the world. The city boasts quality eye treatments and dental options and is home to the Hospital Real Português de Beneficência Portuguesa em Pernambuco or Hospital Português one of the most renowned hospitals in Brazil.

Hospital Ana Nery features a large diagnostic imaging center. Its aim is to ensure quick and accurate testing and diagnoses of patients using the following technologies: ultrasounds digital radiography biopsies mammography multi-slice CT bone densitometry and magnetic resonance. In addition its clinical laboratory has received an excellent rating every month since 1992 when evaluated by National Quality Assurance which is managed by the Brazilian Society of Clinical Analysis. It also has 10 top-level technicians and over 40 professional staff members.

Brazilian physicians undergo a combined 11 years of medical school and residency their qualifications can be verified at the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Visitors from the United States and Canada will need a valid visa for entry into the country but a visa is not required for most European countries so check with your travel agent.

World-class health options await you. We can guarantee the ultimate tourist and medical experience with great affordability. Whichever city you choose you will have a wonderful experience.

Come to Brazil. You are always very welcome here.

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