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Carolyn Nye Emphasizes the Importance of Personalized Marketing

Industry News
Carolyn Nye – Director of Digital Interactive Group, USADATA

Carolyn Nye, Director of Digital Interactive Group USAData Inc. (along with Kate O'Neill, Founder and Creator of [meta]marketer), will lead the session Persuading Through Caring: Connecting with Patients on a Personal Level. She will be explaining the magnitude of Triggers & Targeting marketing to receive the best outcomes and genuine interest from prospective clients.

She is Email Marketing Manager for USAData, providing businesses with consulting, data and technology solutions. Previously, she was Marketing Manager for S&S Worldwide, a direct marketer of arts & crafts and educational supplies for over five years.

Carolyn is responsible for the planning and implementation of email marketing programs and has developed a wide variety of highly successful triggered and transactional email campaigns designed to engage customers, drive sales, improve service and overall customer satisfaction.

This session will be emphasizing that delivering the right message to a prospect at the right time can have a powerful impact on the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns. Carolyn will explain how to leverage on-site behavioral triggers and segmentation to create highly customized and targeted messages in both your outbound email efforts and on your website.

Attendees will learn how to increase conversions by identifying valuable visitor segments, serving customized content based on each segments’ characteristics and needs, and remarketing to your prospects with a series of right-timed messages that prompt them to come back for more.

Carolyn holds a BS in Marketing from UMass Dartmouth and is currently pursuing an MBA in E-Commerce and Global Marketing from the University of New Haven. She is an occasional speaker and contributor at industry conferences, featured in trade articles and webinars.

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