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Case Study of Medical Tourism Implemented into an Employer Healthcare Plan

Industry News
Jeff Tomschin
VP of Human Resources
Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI)

With rising healthcare costs, employers are looking at new cost-saving approaches. By allowing employees to travel to other hospitals within the country and in some cases outside the country, employers can achieve more affordable costs for surgical outcomes.

People like to speculate about how and why employers implement medical tourism programs, but the best way to understand is by listening to the employer explain it himself.

That's why we are thrilled to announce that Jeff Tomschin, Vice President of Human Resources for Phillips Service Industries, Inc. will be presenting a case study of his company's new medical tourism program at this year's 5th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress that will take place October 24th-26th in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida.

In his session, you will hear a case study about how Livonia-based Phillips Service Industries Inc. is rolling out a surgical travel option to 500 full-time employees and another about 750 dependents nationally in addition to the company’s health insurance.

PSI is among a small number of companies operating in Michigan that are publicly talking about medical travel. He will explain why the company chose to implement the program and how it will benefit both the company and its employees.

According to Jeff, PSI is offering the option to try to improve surgical results such as lower readmissions and infection rates and lower costs. Click here to read an article about it in the Detroit News. Don't wait to register so that you can meet him at the conference!

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