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Costa Rica the Feature of Medical Tourism City

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Costa Rica is the feature of Medical Tourism City, the leading social network for medical tourism and global healthcare. Costa Rica has an endless amount to offer, some major benefits include:

Price- medical procedures in Costa Rica tend to be at least 40-70 percent less than what you would pay in North America.

Location- Located just two and a half hours from Miami, Florida. This tropical destination is one of the closest off-shore medical care destinations for Americans. Perfect for patients who want their aftercare at home, and simply fly home in the same day as your surgery!

Most importantly..

- Costa Rica is known for a long tradition of high quality medical care. Costa Rica has a strong health care system with a remarkable reputation.

Medical Tourism City is the official social networking site for the Medical Tourism Association. We have created Medical Tourism City to be a place where all people interested in medical tourism, whether they are hospitals, physicians, medical tourism facilitators, insurance companies, or individual patients can come together.

We hope that this online community will create an online space where people can come to network, find people with similar interests, and continue discussions about issues that face the medical tourism industry.

Medical Tourism City offers discussion forums, groups, and blogs, which allow you to relay and gather specific information or share your thoughts on a certain issue with others. Blogs are particularly useful to share information about yourself and your interest in medical tourism to other members that may know little about you or your service. Overall, Medical Tourism City serves as a portal to all things concerning medical tourism.

How to Get Started:

1. Create an account: You can create an account by going to and clicking on Sign Up.

2. Input information into your profile and upload a profile picture.

3. Start a blog: A blog is place where you can input commentary, event descriptions, or general information. Once you create your own blog, you are in control of the content that you post. Other members can read your blog and interact with you by posting comments. Click on the Blogs tab and then click Add a Blog.

4. Create a group: In order to create a group click on the Groups tab on the home page. Then click Add a Group. You will then need to include a description and add a profile picture. Groups are important to create and join because they bring together individuals with common interests and goals that would otherwise not meet. Medical Tourism city is the social network for you!

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