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Could This Make Us Another Step Closer to Curing Cancer?

Industry News

A new study funded by Cancer Research UK found that breast cells that turned cancerous could be categorized in about 10 different types of diseases.

A team of researchers led by Professor Carlos Caldas analyzed frozen breast samples from 2,000 women, looking at the genetics of the cells and how they morphed to become cancerous. Depending whether the cells mutated, became inactive or became overactive, a different treatment would be recommended.

The study is still in its early stages so it hospitals will not be applying it in their treatments just yet. The new process is expected to not be into effect for another three to five years. Still, this finding could be revolutionary because by grouping different cases of breast cancer, more customized treatment and medication will be prescribed which will increase the probability of survival. This finding could even set a new precedent in categorizing other types of cancers in the future.

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