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Craniofacial Surgery Gives Medical Tourism in Istanbul a New Face


In the last few years, Turkey — and Istanbul in particular — with JCI accredited hospitals and experienced medical professionals has become a preferred medical tourism destination for medical travelers.

It is common for Turkish medical professionals is to go abroad, gain new clinical experience at well-known hospitals mostly in the U.S. and Western Europe and then return to combine their varied experiences. Some return with new techniques, like craniofacial surgery, a method of face correction surgery, chin/jaw surgery, skull surgery, and head shape corrections. These surgical methods have been presented at top international conferences and also published in scientific medical journals and cosmetic surgery books.

These unique surgical methods enable a better healing process and improved outcomes and results, especially in children with craniofacial surgeries. For these patients, it’s important to solve their, permanently and in one surgery. Every subsequent surgery is a trauma for the child and family.

Adult recipients of the procedure, like, accident victims with face and cranial shape problems, unfortunately also undergo many repeated surgeries. In experienced hands and with special surgical methods, however, it is possible to correct these problems in just one surgery. Like children and each repeated surgery traumatic and a waste of time, money.

Congenital face problems, problems with skull shape like plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, Apert syndrome and more are routine procedures that take place every day in the craniofacial departments in Istanbul. Problems like sleep apnea, migraine surgery, nasal speech correction surgery, cleft lip and cleft palate correction, scar correction of former cleft lip surgery are some other special treatment patients can receive in Turkey.

Istanbul is within easy reach with direct flights from many West European, African and Arabic countries. With an amazing view and surrounded by history – and also being the only city on two continents – Istanbul offers many sightseeing opportunities for tourists like sightseeing, shopping, as well health and wellness for both the patient and a companion.

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About the Author

Assistant Professor Dr. Esma Demirezen (Medical Consult & International Patient Coordinator, Owner, Director of Hygieia Turkey & Hygieia International

She has twenty years of experience in the medical field, is a university professor specialised in Public Health. She has worked and taught all over the world including Turkey, Germany, Norway, and Hungary.

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