Crossing Borders


Welcome to the fourth issue of the Medical Tourism Magazine. We have decided to do this months focus on Monterrey, Mexico. For those of you who have never been to Monterrey, it is well worth the trip. Just a short direct flight from Texas and California and other western states in the United States, Monterrey sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. Monterrey embodies both ecotourism and healthcare.

Welcome to Monterrey Healthcare City. With numerous JCI accredited hospitals and state of the art specialty clinics, Monterrey Healthcare City offers many options for traveling patients looking to combine a vacation with their healthcare needs.

Why did we focus just on Monterrey? Many people have viewed Mexico as the country to travel to for excellent dental care, but few have taken the time to research more complicated medical procedures available in Mexico. Recently the Federal Government of Mexico sent a representative to a conference in Singapore and we have received many inquiries about the Medical Tourism Association from some of the Mexican State Government Officials as well. I am sure we will be learning more about what Mexico, as a nation, has to offer in future issues.

Insurance companies have been sending employees and patients over the border from the United States into Mexico for healthcare for years and this has created a huge interest in many Mexican States to attract American patients to their healthcare facilities as well.

Major investment projects have commenced that include golf resorts, retirement communities, assisted living and healthcare facilities that are designed to attract American retirees. Hospitals are duplicating their successful hospital models across the nation and many are creating affiliations with American Hospitals to help with their branding.

Why do we cover only Monterrey in this issue? Monterrey Healthcare City is already treating thousands of foreign patients and provides an excellent selection of healthcare options. The State of Nuevo Leon, where Monterrey sits, is wealthiest state in Mexico with tremendous opportunity for financial investment and more economic development.

Monterrey already also has the proper infrastructure to support increased tourism and the healthcare requisites to handle increased patient flow. We consider Monterrey Health Care City as one of the great rising giants of Medical Tourism this year and one of the most promising in the ability to negotiate and successfully contract with insurance companies to offer overseas healthcare to American patients.

When patients from America step into Monterrey, they will not even realize they have left the United States, and will feel as if they are in California. Monterrey, will be the shining example for the rest of Mexico to aspire to, because of it’s already excellent reputation internationally and it’s current facilities which are providing high quality of care to international and domestic patients.

Renée-Marie Stephano is General Counsel and a Director of the Medical Tourism Association, Inc., an international non-profit organization that serves international healthcare providers and medical travel facilitators in the global healthcare industry.  Renée-Marie is an attorney licensed to practice law in the states of Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has a background in litigation and health law.  She is also Editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine, a monthly journal serving the global healthcare industry by free subscription at www.medicaltravelauthority.com.  Renée-Marie may be reached at Renee@medicaltravelauthority.com.

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