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Patient healthcare has come full circle with World-wide Managed Care Partners and World-wide Medical Partners coming together to bring patients inbound and outbound to provide the most cost-efficient quality care.Seven years ago World-wide Medical Care Partners was established to bring quality care to patients from Latin America and the Caribbean by sending them to the United Statesfor surgical and elective procedures.

Founded by Dr. Luis A. Cabrera-Haber he noticed that there was a need for a company that could provide effective solutions at a reasonable price within the international healthcare industry.Dr. Cabrera-Haber a Family Practice Physician saw an opportunity for such a company when he noticed that there were people coming to the United States from different countries looking for medical care. One of the most important factors in creating this business was cost containment.

Along with being a physician Dr. Cabrera-Haber also had experience in the insurance industry and could see from the viewpoint of the patient payer and provider and the challenges they face due to overpriced healthcare.It is our mission to employ innovative cost containment solutions in the provision of the highest quality of healthcare to the worldwide marketplace Dr. Cabrera said.

We are committed to lowering costs to conserve insurance expenditures delivering responsive patient care and providing for timely reimbursement of medical claims.WMCP does not believe in sacrificing care for cost. They provide quality healthcare at its highest possible value while working with acclaimed organizations hospitals and physicians throughout North America.

Some of these acclaimed institutions that work together with WMCP include MD Anderson John Hopkins the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic where patients seek varied procedures such as organ transplants cancer treatments cardiovascular procedures or neurosurgery.With its focus in Latin America and the Caribbean WMCP works with international insurance plans and employers.

Mundial Insurance American Life and Mapfre insurance companies with offices in Panama Honduras El Salvador Guatemala Nicaragua and many other countries in Central America are just some of the international insurance companies that WMCP works with in partnership.Along with international insurance companies WMCP also works closely with employers like TACA Airlines that service Central America and portions of South America.

WMCP prides itself in providing cost effective solutions to international healthcare and by offering a series of options and services to further facilitate the patient. Three years ago the company introduced concierge service with the purpose of focusing on excellent care for patients and making sure the patient was satisfied.

Provider Selection

With the assistance of trained medical personnel patients can select the best provider to treat their condition. With help from WMCP patients can asses which hospital and physician is best qualified to them and determine if the hospital is accredited or if the physician is board-certified. WMCP facilitators are available to answer these questions.

Appointment Assistance

WMCP will provide appointment assistance to its VIP patients. Working together with the physician and patient WMCP will find the most convenient time for the patient and set up medical appointments as well include appointment reminders and contact caregivers. WMCP will follow-up with both patient and physician to guarantee quality of care.

Travel and Hotel Arrangements

Experienced travel agents will help with hotel and travel arrangements as patients prepare to travel abroad for procedures. As a VIP Patient card member patients will receive discounts on airline tickets hotel reservations and other travel services.

Translation and Language Services

Communication is the key and when it comes to healthcare it is vital. When traveling abroad patients may not be able to communicate due to language barriers and may have trouble communicating ideas questions or concerns to their doctor. WMCP ensures access to their staff to help communicate directly with the provider.

After 7 years WMCP has expanded and has taken advantage of the partnerships and connections created in Latin America and the Caribbean. In an effort to come full circle Worldwide Medical Partners was created to send North American patients to different Latin American countries.

While WMCP specializes in inbound patients its sister company WMP focuses on outbound patients while still following the same model of success achieved by its predecessor. Executive director of WMP Dr. Ves Gitchev explains that WMP plans to utilize all of its connections and to tap into the large network of physicians that WMCP has worked with over the years. He believes that by providing medical tourism it offers the patients more options.

A lot of time we deal with life saving conditions. A lot of time you can afford them here Dr. Gitchev said. Medicare and Medicaid can only cover so much. Medical tourism caters to the uninsured or underinsured.With its successful model WMP plans to emulate the model of WMCP and help the provider and patient save money.

Over the years employers and insurance companies have had to cut coverage in order to save money leaving patients underinsured and at times vulnerable. Gitchev has seen that adding medical tourism garners a saving of 15%-20% in health coverage over one year which eliminates the need to cut benefits.We are seeing the beginning of a steady growth. In 10 years medical tourism will not be seen as a phenomenon but as the norm Dr. Gitchev said.

As the industry progresses there will be more innovative techniques and companies branching out into the growing medical tourism industry. WMCP and WMP have pioneered into Latin American regions and continue to make a name for themselves.

Christin Erazo is a contributing editor of Health Tourism Magazine. A student at Florida International University she is currently seeking a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a specialization in Journalism. Currently she also serves as a staff writer for the Miami Herald. To reach Christin email her at

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