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Discovering the Best Clinics for Stem Cell Treatment in Hawaii

Medical Tourism

Stem cell treatment is revolutionizing the way we approach various medical conditions. From orthopedic injuries to autoimmune diseases, stem cell therapy is heralded for its potential to heal and regenerate tissues. For residents and visitors to the picturesque state of Hawaii, accessing top-notch stem cell clinics is paramount. This article will guide you through some of the best clinics for stem cell treatment in Hawaii, showcasing their specialties and the expertise they offer.

Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center: A Leading Pioneer

Located in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center is a forerunner in the field of regenerative medicine. The center, led by renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell and plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Alea, specializes in adult stem cell therapy.

Here, adipose-derived stem cells are used to address a plethora of conditions including heart diseases, orthopedic issues, and autoimmune disorders. The personalized approach and expert care provided at this center have made it a go-to destination for patients seeking stem cell treatments in Hawaii.

Stem Cell Therapy Hawaii: Harnessing the Power of Regeneration

At Stem Cell Therapy Hawaii, located in Kailua-Kona, the focus is on alleviating chronic pain through stem cell therapy. Dr. Todd B. Turnbull spearheads the clinic and has a wealth of experience in regenerative medicine.

The clinic employs autologous stem cell therapy, wherein stem cells are extracted from a patient’s body (typically from fat or bone marrow), and then processed and injected back into the area requiring treatment. This clinic is an ideal destination for individuals struggling with joint pain and orthopedic ailments.

Maui Regenerative Medicine: Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

Maui Regenerative Medicine in Kihei is another exemplary clinic that specializes in non-surgical orthopedics and sports medicine. Led by Dr. Elliot Lysen, the clinic offers treatments that focus on the body's inherent healing abilities.

Utilizing stem cells derived from the patient’s bone marrow or adipose tissue, the clinic aims to enhance recovery from sports injuries and degenerative orthopedic conditions. The clinic’s commitment to innovation and patient care has earned it a reputation as a leader in regenerative orthopedic medicine.

Honolulu Orthopaedic Clinic: Complementing Orthopedic Care

Honolulu Orthopaedic Clinic stands out for integrating stem cell therapy into comprehensive orthopedic care. Under the stewardship of Dr. Paul Morton, the clinic uses stem cells to promote and facilitate the body’s natural healing processes.

This integration of stem cell therapy offers an alternative to conventional surgical methods, making it an attractive option for patients with joint and orthopedic issues.

Queen’s Medical Center: Comprehensive Medical Care

Queen’s Medical Center, situated in Honolulu, is Hawaii’s largest private hospital and offers a variety of medical services, including stem cell therapy. The hospital is renowned for its advanced medical facilities and top-tier staff.

Their approach to stem cell therapy is rooted in research and evidence-based practice, making it an excellent option for those looking for a comprehensive medical center that offers stem cell treatments among a range of services.


Hawaii is home to a wealth of stem cell treatment centers, each offering specialized care and cutting-edge treatment modalities. As you embark on your journey to find the best stem cell therapy to suit your needs, the aforementioned clinics represent some of the finest establishments Hawaii has to offer.

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