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Editor Renee-Marie Stephano Hits Controversial Topics for Couple of Years

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Around the World and Back Again ~ Medical Tourism Magazine Celebrates 3rd Year

Many publications have come and gone as the Medical Tourism Association approaches the 3-year anniversary of Medical Tourism Magazine, the only printed and online publication in the industry. Speaking on behalf of contributors and members at large, President of the Medical Tourism Association and Editor-in-Chief Renee-Marie Stephano reflects on where we have been, where we are and where we are headed.

Over the years, we have covered far-reaching topics ranging from marketing medical tourism programs, innovative medical advancements, global health insurance to sustainability programs. In this upcoming issue, we are addressing an extremely important topic ~ that of global events affecting medical travel, like healthcare reform, said Renee-Marie Stephano.

In fact, on this anniversary date, the Medical Tourism Association is also pleased to announce the official release of the Medical Tourism Magazine's Issue 16 featuring articles such as Medical Tourism ~ A Solution for Healthcare and Healthcare Reform and Emerging Benefit Program Opportunities. Read now at,

The Medical Tourism Magazine keeps improving with every issue, says Kenneth Mays of Bumrungrad Hospital. It has become an invaluable source of insights about this growing healthcare niche. The magazine covers and collects topics of importance and significance to the medical tourism sector from diverse sources all over the world.

Here at the Medical Tourism Magazine we make every effort to cover all aspects of the medical tourism industry, missing nothing of importance or relevance. If it's relevant, we cover it in a timely fashion. As this industry continues to expand, we stay on top of the collaborations, innovations and transformations as they occur. The Medical Tourism Magazine is your go-to source; the location of important information about this industry. Also, The Medical Tourism Magazine is your voice in the industry as we welcome contributions for print.

The Medical Tourism Magazine offers both printed and online advertising as well. It also boasts a Social Media package that encompasses all aspects of Social Media marketing into a competitively priced package, aimed at attracting your target audience. In the form of a blast to your target audience with press releases, insider blogs and various postings on all social media networks; MTA has access to a comprehensive social network for medical tourism enthusiasts in the Medical Tourism City. MTA welcomes inquiries about our prestigious Guest Blogs, which are offered directly on

MTA also offers the unique option of videos, including patient videos, which spotlight your international hospital as a leader in a particular medical procedure through the eyes of a patient's experience! For more information, visit:

The Medical Tourism Magazine's printed version on average is distributed to over 90 countries around the world in all 5 regions inclusive of thousands of International Hospitals, International Health Insurance Carriers in the Middle East, US, UK and Canada, healthcare providers throughout the world, the travel industry, potential medical tourism patients considering going overseas for surgery, and anyone with an interest in the industry. The magazine is also distributed to a majority of the health plans which administer Self Funded Employer health plans in the U.S. Medical Tourism Magazine can be read at

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