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Espaillat Cabral Institute and its unwavering commitment to Medical Tourism

Destination Spotlight

The Espaillat Cabral Institute is an ophthalmology center, established in Santo Domingo in 1970, a pioneer in Latin America in obtaining international quality health accreditations, initially with the HFAP and currently with the ACHC. ACHC certification is not simply a seal of approval, it is a testimony that the Institute complies with the most rigorous medical quality guidelines in regulatory and operational aspects.

This accreditation covers various areas crucial for the provision of quality medical services: from maintaining and updating medical equipment to managing medical records based on international standards, the Espaillat Cabral Institute undergoes constant scrutiny to ensure that every aspect of its operation is aligned with best practices. Excellence in operating rooms, sterilization processes and infection control, as well as the confidentiality of personal and diagnostic data, are fundamental pillars that support ACHC certification.

Strict compliance with international health quality standards directly translates into exceptional and consistent care for patients seeking services at accredited institutions such as the Espaillat Cabral Institute. The often overlooked but crucial post-surgical stage receives outstanding follow-up, ensuring that patients experience visual results comparable to those obtained in the best eye clinics worldwide.

In keeping with its established tradition of making available to their patients the most advanced scientific advances, the Espaillat Cabral Institute uses the LenSx® femtosecond laser and the WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This revolutionary technology is 100% scalpel-free and provides unprecedented precision in corrective visual procedures. The femtosecond laser is also the most advanced technology used in cataract surgery, which allows the procedure to be personalized to each patient's eye. For the treatment of dry eye syndrome there is ThermaEye. And many more.

The Espaillat Cabral Institute offers consultation services in all subspecialties of ophthalmology, from pediatric ophthalmology, through cataract and refractive surgery, to oculoplasty and ocular cosmetics. The Institute is proud to have the most complete –in situ– diagnostic ophthalmologic center. There is also an optical store to serve the needs of their patients and outside customers with guaranteed service, so users can find answers to all their visual health needs in one place.

Medical tourism: A Journey Towards Health

Today, health tourism has experienced significant growth, with patients from around the world choosing to travel outside their countries of residence in search of medical services. This phenomenon has not only consolidated itself as a global trend, but has given rise to outstanding institutions, among which the Espaillat Cabral Institute in the Dominican Republic stands out as a pioneer in this field. An active member of the

Medical Tourism Association and the Dominican Health Tourism Association, this institute has set standards in global medical care, offering first-class services backed by international accreditations of quality in healthcare.

The Dominican Republic is positioned as the leading destination in the Caribbean and holds the second position in Latin America, climbing to position 19 worldwide. These revealing data were presented at the Sixth International Congress of Health and Wellness Tourism, a highly relevant event that brings together prominent figures from the medical, tourism and financial fields, both locally and regionally.

One of the key motivators behind patients' decision to seek medical care abroad is the economic factor. Depending on the destination chosen, patients can experience significant savings, ranging from 25% to 70% compared to costs in their home countries. However, it is essential to highlight that economics is not the only selection criterion: patients look for destinations that not only offer lower prices, but also provide the most modern scientific and technological advances, as well as highly trained and qualified personnel in the required specialty.

In this context, leading institutions in medical tourism, such as the Espaillat Cabral Institute, play a crucial role. These medical centers, backed by international health quality accreditations, not only attract patients seeking financial savings, but also establish themselves as advocates for excellence in global healthcare. By offering patients the opportunity to access world-class medical services in destinations that combine the best of science and humanity, these institutions are contributing to the transformation of the traditional healthcare paradigm.

In short, health tourism is not simply a cost-saving option, it is an opportunity to receive high-quality medical care in destinations that combine the best of technology and human experience. Institutions like the Espaillat Cabral Institute, at the forefront of this revolution in healthcare, demonstrate that it is possible to offer exceptional services without compromising the financial well-being of patients. The rise of health tourism is transforming the way we think about and seek healthcare, opening-up new possibilities and raising standards of excellence around the world.

Dr. Arnaldo Espaillat, prominent ophthalmologist

Dr. Arnaldo Espaillat Matos is a prestigious doctor, whose training and professional career have positioned him as a reference in ophthalmology, both nationally and internationally.

Graduated Cum Laude in medicine at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU) in the Dominican Republic, his solid training continued with a postgraduate degree at the Barraquer Institute in Barcelona, Spain, where he specialized in ophthalmology. In addition, he obtained a postgraduate diploma in Vitreo-Retinochoroidal Pathology and a postgraduate master's degree in Anterior Segment Pathology, accredited by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since 1997, Dr. Espaillat Matos has served as Medical Director of the Espaillat Cabral Institute, a private medical institution in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Dr. Espaillat Matos is also an active member of prestigious medical organizations, including the Dominican Society of Ophthalmology, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Pan American Association of Ophthalmology, and the Latin American Association of Cataract Surgeons, Anterior Segment and Refractive, among others.

Since August 2023, he is a member of the World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences, a Refractive Surgery organization composed of surgeons of very high medical and academic standards worldwide. This new achievement demonstrates his continued commitment to research and innovation in the field of ophthalmology.

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