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Establishing TCM Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in Guangxi Focusing on Guilin International Intelligence Health Park

Jonathan Edelheit
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Transformation & Acceleration of Guangxi’s Senior Care Services Industry

Guangxi, an autonomous region in China, is on the verge of establishing one of the best comprehensive senior care services industries in the whole country. Guangxi has set a blueprint to develop the senior care services industry, national pharmaceutical industry, agriculture industry, culture and sports, and tourism industry in some of its cities including Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin, Wuzhou, Beihai, Yulin, Hechi, and Hezhou to drive tourism in the region. In achieving this target, some large-scale senior care industry projects such as Guangxi Taihe Pure Land and Guilin International Wisdom and Health Industrial Park have entered the market in Guangxi.

Guangxi plans to develop the senior care industry business model, cultivate the senior care and wellness consumer market, and promote the development of senior care services industrialization. There are plans to also build a number of major projects for industrial integration development, such as the senior care services and tourism industry, pharmaceutical industry, real estate industry, green agriculture industry, and culture & sports industry to further promote the business model development of its senior care & wellness industry.

Guangxi seeks to also innovate and develop the “migratory birds-like” tourism senior care model, as well as actively develop the senior care industry agglomeration areas, senior care industry parks, and senior care towns, as part of plans to boost the health tourism industry. Up to 15 senior care industry agglomeration areas and 30 senior care industry park, including China – ASEAN Health Industry City and Guangxi Taihe Pure Land, will be built in Nanning, Guilin, Beihai, Hechi, Wuzhou, Hezhou and other cities in Guangxi as the key construction projects for cultivating the health tourism industry. These projects will yield an estimated income of more than 100 million RMB and are aimed at providing senior care & wellness, healthcare, tourism, and other functions.

Innovation and Development of Health Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Good ecological environment is the symbolic brand of Guangxi. “Green”, “environmental protection”, and “organic” have become synonymous with Guangxi’s agricultural products. Guangxi aims to promote the development of the healthy food industry as well as the production of pollution-free agricultural products. The region also plans to establish a green food processing base and healthcare products processing base to create a high-quality healthcare industry brand that is well-known at home and abroad.

Northern Guangxi also plans to develop the production of selenium-rich agricultural products and promote the modernization of selenium-rich agriculture while the Southeast region of Guangxi will focus on growing a buoyant farming industry.

Guangxi is also rich in natural medicine resources, which makes it regarded as the “natural medicine library” of the country and “a land rich in medicinal herbs”. Its vast amount of natural medicine resources constitutes one-third of the country’s store. This ranks Guangxi second in the list of regions with abundant natural medicine resources.

In addition, there are approximately a thousand kinds of marine biological resources and medical resources in Guangxi. In the context of the rapid growth of traditional Chinese medicine and raw material demand, Guangxi ranks high and these advantages are being utilized to drive the wellness industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the 100 billion RMB and strategic emerging industries in Guangxi. The local government attaches great importance to Guangxi’s pharmaceutical industry, especially the development of the ethnodrug industry.

In recent years, the government has issued a series of policies and programs and established the government investment guide fund to provide a multi-dimensional support for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Relying on the advantages of its rich medicinal plant resources and unique geographical advantages, Guangxi plans to develop the biomedical industry, cultivate new economic growth points in the biotechnology drugs and medical equipment industry, and develop new species of modern patent drugs, marine biological drugs, and new medical equipment. Supported by bio-pharmaceutical industry parks, Guangxi will build a group of strategic industrial clusters in the field of biomedicine.

In accordance with the goals of development, the region’s pharmaceutical manufacturing output value is projected to reach 85 billion RMB in 2019 and 100 billion RMB in 2020. Zhuang and Yao’s pharmaceutical industries account for the yearly increase in the region’s ethnodrug industry output value which is projected to reach about 25% in 2019 and 30% in 2020.

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