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MTA Member Interview :: Dr. Adel Eldin of Florida Medical Tourism

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Today we will be interviewing Dr. Adel Eldin who is a Member of the Medical Tourism Association and who has also received his Certified Medical Tourism Specialist Certification with our association. Dr. Adel Eldin is the founder of Florida Medical Tourism.

MTA- I would like to start the interview by asking what your daily role is at Florida Medical Tourism.

DE- Florida Medical Tourism is considered to be my new baby with passion towards this awesome global service.

MTA- We’ve heard some good things about Florida Medical Tourism in the medical tourism industry, but please give us some more in-depth information on its unique business model?

DE- Florida Medical Tourism is a global HUB for inbound and outbound medical tourism services, don't let our name fool you we are not covering only Florida but all over the nation and all over the world in both incoming and outgoing clients.

MTA- What made Florida Medical Tourism focus keenly on the Middle East (Arab speaking areas)?

DE- I happen to come from this part of the world and I have unique experience about the culture and traditions and the language, which will make everybody instantly at ease, in other words we will make everyone feel at home. You know that there is an increasing body of evidence about the importance of culturally-sensitive medicine. For instance, if you are a Spanish patient you will most likely prefer to go to a Spanish doctor/provider because he or she will understand you better and would reflect positively on the overall experience of medical tourism.


So, people will gravitate naturally towards providers who are sensitive about specific needs with regards to food, dress code, and so on.

We serve all mankind and will try our best to accommodate the various needs of all our patients through our universal values of compassionate care.

MTA- Does Florida Medical Tourism do inbound tourism and outbound tourism?

DE- Yes, specifically to accommodate the ever increasing need for outbound tourism mandated by the economy, ease of travel and more acceptance of average Americans for the concept of medical tourism to become more or less a routine just like shopping online and yes both quality services and competitive prices will be the driving force of the industry.

MTA- The conflict in the Middle East has been receiving heavy media coverage here in the USA. How is this affecting their healthcare system?

DE- I believe healthcare is part of everyone's needs and I tell all my patients and friends from Middle East that we have world class healthcare services. If they combine healthcare needs with tourism aspect in the United States that could be attractive to some of the folks there only if they know that they will be taken care of and made feel at home.

Not just with the medical services, but also with other ancillary services including hospitality and entertainment that will have added value to their entire package. With that being said there's a lot of education going on that I am doing to inform various healthcare providers such as nurses, nurses aids and others about caring for those patients with regards to dietary needs.

No Pork items on the food tray for example but serve Halal food which is equivalent to Kosher food, no alcoholic beverages. Privacy needs with female patients to preferably be cared by female physicians and if not available then will be done in the presence of another female staff member.

Also, hospital gowns to cover both front and back of female patients. Bathrooms should be fitted with a flush or bidet to get to know what I'm talking about.

This may sound insignificant to some but believe me it means a lot.

MTA- How important is it for your organization to be aware of the patient's culture and to be culturally sensitive?

DE- Very, very important as I explained previously.

MTA- Doctor you've been a recipient of many prestigious awards involving the best small business of the year, First Humanitarian Award and special recognition from President Obama for serving the community to name a few. What makes you stand out from your peers?

DE- I advocate for my patients, I fight for their rights, I volunteer in three free Crescent Clinics to help the less fortunate members of society, we feed the hungry and help the needy and bring the community together over my past 15 years of practice here in Florida.

I developed (Low Cost Quality Healthcare Model) serving patients between 20-100 years of age going on its third year, saving patients thousands, local economy millions, and nation billions of healthcare dollars wasted, give relief to millions of crushed middle class Americans and bring the HEART back in Medicine. You simply go to and click on learn more. Maybe somebody will like it.

MTA- What are Middle Eastern patient's main priorities and main concerns when traveling for medical treatment?

DE- Main priority is to make sure the caring facility is legitimate and credible and has good reputation for compassionate care.

Main concerns would include like everybody else, as a customer you will make sure that language and culture barriers have been addressed properly including the minor personal details and having a 24/7 back up in communication accessible to the patient and the family traveling to answer those concerns. (Cell phone number and clear instructions in different situations as most people hate surprises.)

Building trust is very important to regain confidence that may have been shattered by prior negative experience in medical tourism.

MTA- What destinations do Middle Eastern patients prefer to travel to for medical care?


DE- Turkey, Malaysia, US, South Korea, Thailand.

MTA- How do you engage your patients and how do patients find you?

DE- A combination of old fashion personal contact combined with digital technology, internet marketing, social media, networking and collaboration with organizations like MTA Medical Tourism Association and others.

MTA- Has being a Certified Medical Tourism Specialist helped your business?

DE- So far, it's creating only a buzz.

MTA- What are your company's main goals?

DE- To provide the best medical tourism services in the world.

MTA- What is your company's greatest strength?

DE- Core values of honesty, integrity, and desire to help patients.

MTA- What is your company's greatest challenge?

DE- Building a network of business partners with the passion to provide top quality Medical Tourism Services.

MTA- I’ve read that your staff is bilingual. What languages are you're staff most fluent in?

DE- English, Spanish and Arabic.

MTA- Are you attending the 6th World Medical Tourism Conference in Las Vegas?

DE- It depends, if I get lucky to arrange coverage for my patients in my practice!

MTA- Why is the annual conference important for members and CMTS members to attend?

DE- Technology is good, but will never replace the hand shake and real face to face meeting.

MTA- What are your expectations for this year's conference in Vegas?

DE- Coming up with real solutions for global interconnected healthcare.

MTA-Is there anything else that you want people know about you or your organization before we conclude our interview?

DE- Please check out and Like Us on Facebook on the same site.

MTA- Thank you for your time. How can patients and industry professionals contact you?

DrAdelEldin (2)

Go to or call

Toll Free 1-877-DR-ELDIN

Call 352-592-4938

Fax 352-592-4941

Look forward to hearing from you.

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