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Executive Summits at the Congress.

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Trying to get to the right person is always difficult, whether you are on the phone with your insurance company, phone company or trying to get an answer from one of the decision makers at work. Wouldn’t it be great to get them all in the same place at the same time? The 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMT &GHC) did just that with the 3rd Ministerial Summit, 1st Caribbean Island and Minister of Health Summit and the 1st Medical Director Summit.

One of the main challenges organizations face when trying to develop new business relationships is identifying the real decision-makers and knowing how and where to reach them. Organizations spend a lot of time and resources in trying to get to the right person.

The WMT &GHC solved this problem by creating an international networking event which integrated the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, one of the largest U.S. insurance congresses in the country focused on employers, agents, brokers and consultants that advise employers.

The integration of both congresses provided multiple opportunities for organizations to reach their target audience and the multiple executive summits were successful in bringing together industry decision makers.

3rd Global Ministerial Summit

On the first day of the Congress, the 3rd

Global Ministerial Summit hosted 80 delegates representing over 40 countries, this year was the largest Summit yet. This Summit is one of the only events in world where government officials, health authorities and Ministers of Health, Tourism, Commerce and Economy all gathered at a round table summit to collaborate and network on issues such as; health, tourism, development, sustainability, legal issues and developing partnerships necessary to achieve each country’s respective goals.

The Summit was initiated by delegate introductions, opening remarks and a presentation by the Congress host, and President of the Medical Tourism Association® Renée-Marie Stephano.

Following Stephano’s presentation, industry experts shared their knowledge with the delegates; the speakers and topics included:

The 3rd Ministerial Summit debated general health issues, the challenges of cross border health and explored all the possibilities of developing medical tourism markets….

  • International Investment and Local Health by David Reisman, professor of economics, Nanyang Technological University and author of Health Tourism: Social Welfare Through International Trade• Public Private Partnerships by Jon Godsmark, director, KPMG
  • Healthcare Investment and Development by William D. Rowland, export finance officer, Medical Technologies Initiative, Global Business Development Division, Export-Import Bank of the U.S.
  • Legal Considerations in Developing Medical Tourism Destinations by Tracy J. Mabry of counsel, Greenberg Traurig, P.A.
  • Wellness and Engagement Programs by Denise Holland, director, employee healthcare, Hog Slat
  • Regional Healthcare Collaboration by Bernard Merkel, minister counselor, Head of Food Safety, Health and Consumer Affairs, Delegation of the European Union to the United States of America
  • Value Based Healthcare Design and Insurance by Dr. James B. Couch, Patient Safety Solutions, LLC; Informed Opinion Leadership Action Group
  • If Disney Ran Your Hospital by Fred Lee, author of If Disney Ran Your Hospital; 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently
  • International Healthcare Consumer Coalition Lobbying by Brian Woolfolk, Squire Sanders

After the presentations delegates had a lot to say in an open discussion where partnerships were made, problems were resolved and everyone learned something new about developing their medical tourism industry.

The networking continued after the Summit with a private tour of the exhibit hall and cocktail reception.

“The 3rd Ministerial Summit debated general health issues, the challenges of cross border health and explored all the possibilities of developing medical tourism markets, taking advantage of the global health demands.

The possibilities of IT, new technologies and Telemedicine,” said Dr. Mohammed Saeme, international expert on maritime health and wellness and Summit attendee.

“Beside the rich congress program with excellent speakers; the networking with colleagues, providers and exhibitors from around the world completed the essence of a successful experience and enrichment gathering in the world of medical tourism,” he added.

Caribbean & Island Minister of Health SummitThis event was a platform for Ministers of Health, health authorities and governments to collaborate and network regarding rising healthcare and insurance costs and issues facing the Caribbean and other nations.

This specific Caribbean and island focused Ministerial Summit, was part of the Global Ministerial Summit. Industry experts enlightened the audience in their area of expertise, the speakers and topics are as follows:

  • Funding Hospital and Healthcare Projects in Emerging Markets & the Caribbean by Don Williams, CEO, Princeton Healthcare, Inc.

The presentations sparked a lively discussion on the topics below:

  • Identifying the top centers of excellence abroad for you to send patients
  • Discussing programs with peers through shared experiences in order to strategically improve health services planning
  • Developing a medical tourism brand and investment in healthcare infrastructure
  • Health and wellness programs designed for your country’s local population
  • Managing and controlling non-communicable diseases and other catastrophic illnesses
  • Innovative cost containment methods

1st Medical Directors Summit

The 1st Medical Directors Summit was held on the third day of the WMT & GHC. This Summit provided a platform for medical directors from top U.S. and international hospitals and insurance companies to collaborate on issues relevant to their industries.

“With this Summit, we saw the opportunity to facilitate learning and collaboration. We have relationships with medical directors from all over the world, many who have the same challenges or who have figured out a successful solution, we simply provided the platform and they naturally formed a productive discussion,” said Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association® (MTA).

All Summit attendees were able to collaborate and network regarding the challenges in providing quality healthcare and insurance to local and international patients. The medical directors discussed programs with their peers regionally and in other countries, they were also able to learn from some of the successful case studies presented.

This roundtable meeting facilitated conversations to strategically improve an organization’s planning. Prior to the roundtable discussion, attendees listened to the following presentations:

  • What would happen if your hospital was acquired by Toyota? By Dr. John Kenagy, author, Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times
  • The Role Process & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Play in the Healthcare, Government and Insurance Revenue-cycle & ROI, by Reducing Risk and Ensuring Future Flexibility by Manuel lorens Perceptive Software from Lexmark
  • Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Prevention and Control, Supporting Healthy Choices and Better Health Outcomes, and Analyzing Successful Country Approaches by Dr. Pratiksha G andhi, founder and chairperson, IPC Heart Care Center / Institute of Preventive Cardiology Foundation
  • Increasing International Patient Flow by Bill Cook, medical tourism training instructor, International Patient Services Certification Program, Medical Tourism Association®
  • How Google, Inc. Promotes Health Amongst Employees by John Casey, director of international benefits at Google, Inc.
  • Healthy Cruising: Opportunities and Health Risks Non-communicable Disease – Cruise Lines by Dr. Mohammed Saeme, international expert on maritime health and wellness
  • Regional Healthcare Collaboration Strategies by Dr. Karen Sealey, Special Advisor to the United Nations, Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization
  • How to Change Your Behavior to Positively Impact Your Lifestyle by B .J. Fogg, professor at Stanford University

“I had a stimulating and enriching experience at the Medical Directors Summit which will help me to better apply myself at work back home in India,” said Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi. “Thanks to the MTA for conducting such a knowledgeable and enhancing business networking summit which we will surely cherish for this year and for years to come.”


Each of these Summits brought something new to the medical tourism industry in one form or another. By bringing together all of the key decision makers, goals and developing new initiatives can actually be accomplished, there is no waiting and searching for the deciding opinion, it’s right in front of you.

With the success and high demand for these Summits, they will continue next year at the 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Las Vegas, November 2-6th, 2013.

Armando Juarez from the MTA organized the 2012 Summits and he will be organizing next year’s also, please contact him for any questions or to find out how to be a part of these Summits,

Executive Summits at the Congress

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