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Expatriate Healthcare ~ A Fresh Perspective

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While expatriate healthcare has been around for quite some time, many people do not realize that it is growing and has the potential to grow even more by leaps and bounds. As the healthcare environment is changing within the US and abroad, the healthcare dynamic is rapidly moving towards a global platform.

The Medical Tourism Association will be working in upcoming months towards bridging the gap between international hospitals and clinics and expatriate healthcare companies, as well as travel insurance companies. What many international hospitals have yet to realize is the tremendous benefits that can be gained from developing relationships with these two industries. Hospitals are in fact losing money and patients simply because of a lack of information. They need to be forging relationships with leaders in these industries.

What exactly am I talking about? When a provider or hospital chooses not to participate with an expatriate healthcare provider's network, they are losing out to the provider or hospital that is in network. Not only are they diminishing their profits as a business, but their country is losing possibly millions in revenue on surgeries and doctors visits each year.

The Medical Tourism Association, and its official publication, the Medical Tourism Magazine, are aggressively seeking to unite these industries, and will be featuring articles on these topics in upcoming issues which will serve to educate and inform. As trends continue to point towards growth in the medical tourism sector, we will seek to incorporate evidence, facts and new statistics, keeping our readers well informed of industry advancements and changes. The moral of this article? If you are not in the loop, jump in, and do so quickly, before your competitor beats you to the punch.

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