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FAM Trip to Chihuahua Mexico- Hosted by MTA

Industry News

The MTA, along with Chihuahua Medical City,will be hosting a “FAM” Trip, or Familiarization Trip to Chihuahua Mexico January 18th-21st 2010.

Chihuahua Medical City is a strategy that brings together the best hopsitals and clinics in the city of Chihuahua. Their mission is to provide high-quality healthcare and travel services to both the domestic and international market, integrating the value chain sectors.

In recent years Mexico has become a popular destination for Medical Tourism, especially for US citizens, since the proximity is very convenient. There is also a high rate of fluency of both English and Spanish. Like most Latin America countries, Mexico has of overall friendly and family oriented culture.

Flights are offered in plenty from the US and airfares are reasonable. If you live in Texas you even have the option to drive, as its about a 3 hour drive from El Paso.

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