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Florida-Based Facilitator Sues Former Senior Executive

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Worldwide Medical Partners (WMP;, a medical tourism facilitator in Florida, has filed a temporary injunction against a suspended staff member, Veselin Gitchev, in the Florida courts.Gitchev, formerly an executive director of WMP is alleged to have diverted business and revenue away from his employer to a side company he created in Canada.

It is alleged that Gitchev diverted funds from his employer and is also involved with the creation of a for-profit association in medical tourism with several other individuals in the medical tourism industry. This new association is called Coalition for International Patient Advocacy (CIPA).

Now WMP has filed an injunction against Gitchev and is suing him for damages. The injunction in this legal action is also against the newly formed CIPA. This new association is specifically a for-profit owned by several shareholders including Gitchev for diverting funds from his company.

Gitchev has been ordered to return to WMP its notebook computer and portable electronic storage devise, which contains confidential information about medical providers, insurers, and hospital vendors. Gitchev has also been ordered to stop using WMPs contacts with Teva Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, and Novartis as it is in violation of the non-competition clause in his employment agreement.

The order goes on to terminate all efforts and work-related efforts to divert actually or prospective relationships, opportunities and assets from WMP to access, defendant Coalition for International Patient Advocacy (CIPA). The injunction is to protect trade secrets, assets, and opportunities misappropriated by its executive director (Vitchev) in violation of the express terms of his employment.

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