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France: Quality Healthcare is Just a Connection Away

Destination Spotlight

Do you know how progressive French medicine is? Lyon has stunned the world by simultaneous transplant of both hands and forearms. In Paris, they have successfully operated on the spinal cord of the embryo.

In Grenoble, the world’s first implantation of a cardiac pacemaker was made without a probe. In Toulouse, the first laparoscopic removal of the bladder was performed and in Marseille, the first transplant of artificial eye cornea was made.

French Medicine is Universal and Social

Many know France as a place for relaxation and gastronomic experiences. That Marseille is a city with Mediterranean charm, Paris is about climbing the Eifel Tower, Toulouse is a “pink” city with a variety of red brick historical buildings.

In terms of the number of Renaissance buildings, Lyon comes second only to Venice. If all of the exquisite sights and attractions are not enough to attract visitors to France, perhaps their high level of modern and innovative medical care will be.

France has the capabilities to perform any surgical intervention and the most advanced diagnostics at the highest level. The local studies have reached unprecedented heights. For example, Grenoble is also known as the French Silicon Valley and is number one in review of medical publications, Impact médicale.

The World Health Organization has recognized France as having advanced medical care available. In its ranking of the quality of treatment, France is in the first place. The special body Haute Autorité de Santé certifies all medical facilities and doctors in France.

The French health system is mainly financed by the state, and the treatment prices are one of the lowest in Europe. For foreign clients, French hospitals put a small premium on their prices, a percentage of the total cost of treatment. Even with that premium, the cost of treatment is still much lower than in Germany or Austria, for example.

The prices are set by Sécurité Sociale (Social Security), so a lower or higher price does not indicate the quality of medical services between clinics and hospitals. Nor is there such a difference between the clinics of large cities and small towns.

Peculiarities of Medical Tourism in France

Many of the clinics and hospitals in the country of haute couture and famous perfumes are not yet prepared to receive foreign patients. One of the setbacks is that most do not have websites available in different languages, nor do they have English or Russian speaking staff.

If a foreigner wants to be examined or treated in France, the first thing asked of them is about their Carte Vitale (Health Insurance Card). And if the foreigner does not have it, the process of how to handle this patient will take a long time to sort out. The service is available only in urgent (emergency) cases within the travel insurance.

However, managers of many clinics in France have already recognized the well-organized system of attracting foreign patients to Germany. Even more, they have realized the fact that the country allows clinics to receive a large profit from this market, even though the prices in Germany are relatively high.

Even though the hospitals and clinics in France are not fully prepared to receive international patients, they do have a well- equipped health system that can support this. There are medical tourism agencies located in France that can assist with the difficulties of a foreigner seeking treatment, making this possible. Some agencies in France speak Russian which means that France is open to medical patients from all CIS countries.

Medifrance Solution is your French Guide

“Here in France, we only learn to build relationships with partners from different countries, from an international staff and advertising,” said Daria Silvestrova, representative of Medifrance Solution. “Our company was created for the purpose of improvement in these matters.”

Medifrance assists foreign patients in getting quality French treatment at affordable prices. Medifrance does not promote particular hospitals or clinics; they work for the benefit of the patient and his/her budget.

In some cases recommendations or introductions are required, when certain hospitals specialize in a treatment needed by the patient, or if the patient asks for a recommendation, a clinic that meets the needs of the patient will be recommended. However, treatment is the same everywhere and it is according to the approved protocols. The only difference may be in service.

Medifrance takes care of all administrative issues including: Contract with the clinic, setting up phone consultation with doctor and patient, airport transfer and translation needs. Medifrance employs a team of translators and has contracts with transport companies, allowing them to offer the best prices for their clients.

With the support of Medifrance Solution, medical travelers will have no problem with receiving medical care in France.

As previously mentioned, France is one of the leading countries in the field of medical discoveries. The following areas are most in demand: Oncology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, diagnostics, pediatrics, traumatology and orthopedics (especially joint replacement) and plastic surgery.

Not so long ago, Russian star, Evelina Bledans, turned to Medifrance Solution. Having no serious health problems, but being a person in the public eye, at almost 50 years old she had a desire to look younger and more beautiful. After careful consideration, Medifrance reached out to France’s well-known surgeon, Jean-Louis Durand.

After examining her closely he noticed that in the prior surgeries she had undergone, the surgeon had exaggerated her procedures, which had yielded un flattering results. He noted that the key to more natural looking results lay within the special techniques, “French secrets.”

Singer Dmitry Fomin followed Evelina’s lead and made the request for a full check-up and, if necessary, urgent treatment for his 75-year- old mother. He intended to present treatment as a gift for everything she had done for him. Check-ups in France are a new trend, as people manage to combine business with pleasure, namely check-up and travel.

Steps to Treatment in France

The first step would be to visit the website of Medifrance Solution. Once on the website, patients will find a mini-pro le, email, Skype and WhatsApp contacts. Potential patients can contact Medifrance with any questions and seek help in deciding which medical procedure is best for them.

After providing a detailed patient pro le, an estimate with a precise description of necessary medical procedures, detailed cost of treatment and hospital stay will be prepared. The next step for cooperation is confirmation and payment.

Once the medical procedure is booked, the managers at Medifrance Solution can also help to plan some excursions. Patients o en ask for escorts for shopping tours to such places as La vallée Vilage (famous boutiques with discounts of up to 70%), visiting wine tasting in castles, trips to the ocean, to Disneyland, theater and more.

A driver and a translator (available 24 hours a day and present at all key stages of stay in the country) meets the patient at the airport. An agent of the medical service accompanies the patient during hospitalization, helps to settle all administrative formalities and is next to the patient until his awakening from anesthesia.

The patient leaves the country only after the doctor makes sure that the patient’s health is fine. The medical company continues to monitor the patient’s health until his/her complete recovery.

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