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Fraudsters and Scammers Profiteering from COVID-19

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When clients contact the Super Antibacterial Mask MedicalMaterial Production Joint Stock Company to purchase medical-grade personalprotective equipment against COVID-19, they do so expecting the products to beshipped in time to protect as many as they can from the scourge of thecoronavirus. But that doesn’t happen; what often follows is the sudden disappearance of the sellers and no shipment made, or at best, delivery of used condoms and gloves.

Mr. Le Quy Khanh Chuong, born 02/16/1982 (aka Brian Le) is a member of a criminal enterprise that scams international companies of millions of dollars after promising to supply medical-grade nitrile gloves. Together with his collaborator, Mr. Hua Hong Hai, Chuong has been able to swindle many organizations looking to purchase these scarce nitrile medical gloves for use in their countries.


With the massive, global shortage of medical-grade PPEs, including face masks, surgical gloves, and nitrile gloves when the pandemic hit, hospitals, medical companies, and other organizations began to search everywhere desperately for where to get them. Cases were rising, death tolls kept surging, so buyers had to look to other countries to get these items; but some fell into the wrong hands.

Chuong represents himself under a totally different name, Brian Le, and poses as the Sales Manager for communication for a fake nitrile glove manufacturing company. His primary job was to sell international clients large glove contracts even though Chuong knew there was no glove factory and sending false sales documents, fake shipment evaluation reports, and fake invoices and receipts to swindle these unwary clients. After every ‘successful’ transaction, Mr. Chuong receives a commission on each purchasing company that ends up defrauded.  


Mr. Chuong, who is Vietnamese, is a permanent resident of the United States with a California driver’s license at a residence in Santa Ana, CA 92703, and has been on the run since the searchlight was beamed on hi scompany’s fraudulent activities.


Mr. Chuong and his collaborator claim to run two different FDA-registered organizations: super Antibacterial Mask Medical Material Production Joint Stock Company with FDA number 3017084627 and Super Clean Gloves Medical Material Production Joint Stock, FDA registration number 3017909834; both of which, they claim, manufacture medical-grade nitrile gloves and distribute in large volumes across the world.


When clients request for pre-shipment inspection, Mr. Chuong and his partner vacillate and delay until they either cancel the inspection process or send fake reports to secure the client’s payments. Clients who do not require pre-shipment inspection and make an upfront payment end up either not receiving the order or getting something entirely different - used gloves and condoms. What’s worse, Chuong and Hai cut all lines of communication after that and refuse to issue a refund.


Some of the companies Super Antibacterial Mask Medical Material Production Joint Stock Company ripped off include Singapore-based medical product supplier, Asther Trading, and Dubai-based Horizon Max General Trading LLC. In Asther Trading’s case, the company made a payment of $600,000 worth of medical-grade gloves and other PPEs and got nothing in return. After the Managing Director of Asther Trading learned that Chuong and his partner were about to swindle another company, he blew an alarm, and that drew a string of international criminal complaints against the duo.


In 2020, Vietnamese media first beamed its searchlight into the fraudulent activities of the group, after border officials detected the company was importing used gloves from China. Chuong was able to conceal most of the group’s crooked operations until March 2021, when Phaplaut TV/Legal News in Vietnam ran a gripping story exposing their large-scale fraudulent activities after several international criminal complaints had been registered against them.

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