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Free Webinar: Monkeypox: What you Need to Know to Stay Safe (By the Global Healthcare Accreditation)

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Monkeypox is a rare infection that presents with blisters and scabs all over the body. The infection, which was largely endemic in parts of west and central Africa, has recently been spreading in other parts of the world.  

Since May 2022, cases of monkeypox have been reported in countries where the infection is not endemic, including parts of Europe and the United States. Although cases of the infection are shown to be dropping, it is still very much around. In this webinar, Heather Saunders, a registered nurse and infectious disease expert and researcher at Johns Hopkins University, and Claudia Jorgenson, Director of Clinical Operations at the Global Healthcare Accreditation,  shares important information about monkeypox and the current outbreak.

Learn from this webinar

  • Common symptoms of monkeypox, transmission modes, and mortality risk
  • The global outbreak of monkeypox
  • How monkeypox is different from smallpox
  • Preventing monkeypox infection
  • Workplace strategies to beat the contagion

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