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My dog has a dog license, I have a driver's license and am certified in CPR by the Red Cross and my doctor has a medical license, he specializes in cardiology. The hospital I go to for tests is accredited by The Joint Commission and specializes in open heart surgery and orthopedics.

Today, we go to specialists. My auto technician is certified to work on my car; you want that for fast cars! But I remember when I was young we just took the family car to the gas station down the street and had the town's mechanic Red take a look at it and fix it.

It seems more and more services are becoming specialized and certified, why? Well it's because technology and services are being designed to cater to our specific needs and wants and those needs require special people with special talents.

Now we go see the back specialist, not just the doctor, and yes there are certified specialists available for every part of the human body. These are great times we live in.

So why do you offer international patient services at your hospital, and your not certified?

Certification tells everyone, from consumers, insurance companies, employers, benefits directors and facilitators that you are the best, you've made the extra effort to go through a rigorous process of training, providing documentation, making sure you have the best practices, processes and policies in place to ensure the best patient outcome and shout to the world that you are Certified!

Hotels strive for a 5 Star rating, and restaurants want an A rating, and guess what? That's were we want to stay and eat. It makes perfect sense, going to the right people who are trained and certified to provide the best care and service. In today's competitive healthcare market, people expect more, and should be able to easily determine where those services can be obtained and know that they are working with the right people.

Businesses proudly display their certification, licenses and awards, why? Because they want you to know it and tell your family and friends, and when you get great service, you tell everyone about it.

So where is your sign? What's your specialty and where is your certification? Luckily, I happen to know someone who can help your International Patient Services department become certified, gain more international patients, and attract more employers and benefits directors all while providing the best care and increasing your visibility and reputation.

I have to go walk my dog now, but feel free to contact me, and I'll be happy to get you their phone number.

Mark J. Swirsky

Medical Tourism Association

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