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General Conception of the Intensive Multifactoirial Neurorehabilitation System

Industry News

General conception of the intensive multifactorial neurorehabilitation system

Neurologic Restoration arises from the evidence that the Nervous System has neuroplastic and regenerating properties determined by the high differentiation that does not allow neuroplastic cells to reproduce themselves. In compensation Nature chooses the alternative way to give the Nervous System the capacity for a superior repairment, which is much more complex than the rest of the tissues- a fact demonstrated by performed experimental evidences.

It was inferred from the analyses by experts of reference, that from a mathematical point of view and accumulated practical experience for so many years in the patients’ neurological rehabilitation developed at CIREN – many long periods of time were thus needed to achieve the pretended level of exercising.

A preliminary conclusion was, that it was only possible to obtain similar results in less time if a form of treatment with a systematic frequency based on many hour – session training was applied with an optimum use of the time, by adequately applying exercising techniques, in reference to the patient’s sequels, characteristics of the patient’s general status and an efficient supervision and systematic evolution.

Expressed in other way, in order to perform such a high volume of physical activity, a great amount of time is needed that can only be achieved in a less period of time, when rehabilitation procedures with an intensive character are strictly controlled and performed.

Although it is a fact that natural recovery may also occur, attempts are made to improve and accelerate this process. Many health areas have developed treatments without a clear understanding on its functioning, and it is not really known whether the method is good at all or not. The rehabilitation of lesions of the Central Nervous System is not an exception, although some therapeutic techniques are based on clear theorical considerations [6].

In the theorical and practical accumulated experience applying the Intensive Multifactorial Neurorehabilitation System for 16 years, it was concluded that the physical therapist should not use one method in particular, but the one according to each patient’s specific characteristics, he/she must choose the most convenient method or most convenient combination of methods.

All the criteria previously mentioned, made possible to formulate the concept of Intensive Multifactorial Neurorehabilitation System, and defined as a model aimed at rehabilitation.This method must be used with a systemic approach, in an integral and systematized way combining intensively and adequately dosified form the methods, procedures and therapeutic techniques that make possible a better recovery. This is expected to be carried out in the least possible time and providing the patient with a better quality of life”[18].

The philosophy and scopes of the Intensive Multifactorial Neurorrehabilitation System – as an integral part of the Neurologic Restoration Program at the International Center of Neurologic Restoration (CIREN) – are conditioned by the directing philosophy of this institution, expressed as to its scopes and strategic objectives used in all its levels. On this bases and in correspondence with CIREN’S functions and structure, the activities for the interdisciplinary integration of processes of neurologic restoration leading to the establishment of programs for the intensive personalized care, are thus developed with special attention according to each patient’s needs.

CIREN’S researchers have demonstrated that with the application of neurorestorative methods, significant results can be obtained in the improvement of altered neurologic functions, by submitting the patient to an intensive regulated physical activity within the context of multifactorial treatment programs. IMNS proposal was conformed on the basis of compatibility of four essential factors: mechanisms of neuroplasticity, the cardinal principles of rehabilitation, general principles of sports training of the Cuban School and coordinated work within an interdisciplinary teamwork that together, give the intensive character necessary to each patient’s program.

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