Accreditation & Certification

Global Benefits Leadership Award Winners

Accreditation & Certification

In its second year the Global Benefits Conference launched the Leadership Award Program to recognize individuals that have contributed to the growth in the industry. Several leaders were nominated for this prestigious award and only a few were selected.

This award recognizes a leader in the industry for providing an exemplary program or innovation consistent with the vision of the Global Benefits Association’s and Global Benefits Magazine’s goal of education by engaging others, promote proven strategies and insurance packages, and advocate for the needs of  their employees in multinational offices and expatriates.

The Medical Tourism Magazine had the chance to interview four of these exceptional leaders. Each interview contains their personal insights and tips that they have developed along the way. Some even mention a few of their company’s best practices and recommendations to overcome certain obstacles with in global benefits.

In addition to the four award winners that were interviewed, four others received the award at the conference, their photos are below.

The Global Benefits Association is now accepting new nominations for the 3rd Global Benefits Conference taking place October 24th-26th, 2012 in South Florida. .

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