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Grupo CHRISTUS Muguerza ~ The Icon of Mexican Healthcare

Destination Spotlight
Grupo CHRISTUS Muguerza accounts for more than 74 years of experience, tradition and catholic inspiration passed through generations. We service both national patients and international patients through a network of six hospitals, 21 outpatient centers and clinics that combine specialty infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and highly trained health professionals. The care provided at our hospitals has achieved international standards, accomplishment that leads us to implement a Medical TravelSM program, successfully attracting increased number of international patients.

Monterrey, regarded as businesses center in America, has become one of the main targets for the medical tourism, due not only for its convenient proximity to the United States but also for its wide medical quality offering. Our Medical TravelSM program is dedicated to offer quality medical care with warmth and compassion to international patients, with the support of medical tourism companies and American insurances. (For more information about this program, visit us at ).

Since 2001 the group has been affiliated with CHRISTUS Helath, a faith-based, non-profit US heath system. Our affiliation has not only provided grounds for the system expansion to become one of the leading private health systems in Mexico, but it also has allow us to provide a warm and compassionate patient-centered care, in line with our founders vision.

CHRISTUS Muguerza hospital network encompass 3 hospitals in Monterrey, one in Saltillo, Chihuahua, and Reynosa. The former, recently opened is a modern health center that accounts for short stay surgeries for patients located in northern Tamaulipas State and the Rio Grande Valley.

Our long-term growth plan is ambitious; we are ready to open a new hospital facility every year, by the year 2016 the group will encompass 14 hospitals reaching key strategic areas nation wide.  This solid expansion is in line with the mission we are privileged to share with CHRISTUS Health, “to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ”.

CHRISTUS Muguerza journey to Excellence is based in 4 paths that allow us to grow in a consistent and orderly manner:  Medical Quality, Service Quality, Community Service and Business Literacy.

In our journey in Medical Quality, we decided to pursue international accreditations and since 2007, our flagship hospital, CHRSITUS Mugerza Alta Especialidad, has been accredited by Joint Comission International. All of our hospitals are now in process of being accredited under this highly regarded international standard. Other accreditations achieved by Alta Especialidad include the National Health Board (Mexico), College of American Pathologists or CAP (its laboratory is the only one in the country which has been certified by this college), and “Distintivo H” certification from the Mexican government on hygiene practices of food storage, preparation and service throughout the hospital). CHRISTUS Muguerza Alta Especialidad is also the only hospital in Latin America to be rank by the Great Place to Work Institute among the Top 100 best work places, and is the only one that publishes hospital and medical statistics on its website.

Earlier this year, our group was honor as a Socially Responsible Company for our commitment to provide quality health services and social programs to the communities in need. We do this through Adelaida Lafón Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides medical care to more than 12,000 patients each month, as well as community programs that aim to improve their well-being.

Our commitment to provide high medical quality and service in all our specialties has lead us to establish an intense medical residency program and our own nursing school, which provides undergraduate and graduate degrees, both affiliated with University of Monterrey.

Technology is also relevant in providing quality medical care.  We have been successful in partnering with leading providers of cutting edge medical technology, allowing us to have preemptive access to state-of-the-art equipment. We are fully equipped and updated for virtually all-medical needs, from top-notch diagnosis to image guided surgery and non-invasive procedures, among many others.

In our journey to Excellence, Grupo CHRISTUS Muguerza maintains a highly effective and cost-efficient operation, cutting edge technology, continuous training programs, and a deeply rooted commitment to our patient’s safety and well being, always providing care with warmth and compassion.

Grupo Christus Muguerza is a Member of the Medical Tourism Association.  Arturo Garza, CEO of Christus Muguerza, has more than 15 years of experience in the Mexican health care field. He is actively involved with Board of Directors to increase Christus Muguerza’s community service throughout Adelaida Lafon foundation. Before becoming CEO he was working in mergers and acquisitions in Latin America with an international pharmaceutical company. During this experience his family and him lived in Miami Florida for over 3 years. In addition, he is Vice-President of the Mexican Private Hospitals Association.

Grupo Muguerza was his first experience in the health care industry. He worked as General Manager in the Muguerza hospital of Saltillo and later he became the Planning Director of the Group. He created several new partnerships with group of doctors that had been significant for the success of Grupo Muguerza.  Mr. Garza has a Master in International Business from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Business and a degree in Business administration.

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