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Healthcare System in UK Top Notch in Terms of Efficiency

Industry News

According to a recent study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, which surveyed more than 27,000 patients and primary care doctors, the UK's healthcare system is the most efficient of 7 industrialized countries. The report looked at five areas of performance – quality, efficiency, access to care, equity and healthy lives. The 7 countries in the study were: the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand. Of these countries, not surprisingly, the US ranked dead last in overall rankings. It is not news that

Although the Netherlands ranked #1 in terms of overall health system ratings, the UK was reported to be the most efficient country when it comes to healthcare. Perhaps the US should be looking at the UK when deciding what changes need to be made in our system. Obviously, the UK and the Netherlands are doing something right and the US is missing the boat. It’s time to get on board…

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